A day without tomorrow

Door Druppels gepubliceerd op Monday 23 July 15:02

When my kid asks how it all begins,
I 'll point to the stars to find our origins.
Once one said : " i think today i m gonna explode"
and in the long run it resulted in our genetical code.
We are all made up with the same chemical elements,
billions of years old.
Our body contains carbon, calcium and even some gold.
We are incredibly rare,
remember that everytime you look at the stars and just stare.
Because once there was a day without yesterday.
That day was the first, the universe just bursted.
How this happened, nobody really has a clue.
i'Il just admire, maybe religion needs to explain it to you.
You may not notice it but we accelerate into ever growing relativity
to a point that our selfishness seems to have no boundary.
If we keep going on like this, we will be sorrow,
till one day will be a day without tomorrow.

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