Call mee

Door BAYWATCH gepubliceerd op Thursday 12 July 13:31

Call mee dont be a stranger i thought we were more than friends, call mee the way i feel for you you probably dont have a clue, call mee dont forget the good things we had together, our walks, on the river side, our heads next to each other, our kisses, call mee have you all forgotten, what we ment to each other, i thought we had something , even sex i thought brought us more together, i miss everything we had, dont be like that, pick up the phone and dial my number its not difficult try it even if i am busy leave a message and i call you back. Dinner candle light, its not easy to forget, the way we danced, together , with the music of Marvin Gay i thought we had something beautifull, man hou can I forget that day, love is not only for a short time, i even miss your face, the way we touched each other, the way you made mee feel, call mee you will have that again, russian girl Svjeta. Man she was something, what happened to you where are you now, are you thinking about mee as i am thinking about you, call mee i would like to hear your sexy voice, call mee dot be like that, I wonder what are you doing now, are you feeling lonely lika I am pick up the phone and call mee, lonyless is for nobody good, call and we will have a time of our lives, dont be a stranger, why stay alone if you have something better in your life wayting for.



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eindelijk belt ze gisteravond op facebook maar ook niet slecht na paar weken
not yet probably she forgot lost the number