Lionheart 2

Door AnnaElize gepubliceerd op Monday 29 January 19:25

What if he had still lived? He would have been seventy today. His children would not have been raised by their mother’s lover. His name would have still been mentioned with the honor it deserves. I would have seen my nieces and nephews grow up, instead of being ostracized from the family, over nothing.

What f he had been allowed to live out his days? What if his wife had not betrayed him?

Everything would have been different I am sure. Everything would have been better.

Both my parents would have been alive,  instead of having been abandoned.

He would not have held his tongue when dishonesty and deceit started to reign the family. He would have opened his mouth.

My brother in law would probably also still be alive. He probably would have convinced him to keep a healthier diet, and have a healthier life style.

When good people die, no one takes their place. There is a vod that can be felt forever. Everything gets thrown out of balance, and it never restores. We live on in the shards of what might have been, if only he had still lived.


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