A help to your Bachelor psychology study: Timeline development methods and findings to cognitive neuroscience

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A help to your Bachelor psychology study:

images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSZ95wxw_Rj9HRxBYrzMpgTimeline development methods and findings to cognitive neuroscience 

Where "One God religion" started with the influences from Africa and India in the middle east and the people started to believe in one God combined with traditions from religion from India, was the same time where people combined Asian medicine with biological science. - All before Jezus, and other prophets. 

The beliefs in Europe/Western world were also changed by the influences of  Asian religion, but Asian medicine combined with biological science influenced even more. This new approach to illness with medicines started to replace the religions with science. 

So the timeline for cognitive neuroscience started before the bibles were made.

Because the bibles were influenced by the Asian religion with traditions and the African beliefs of honouring ancestors, the " by Asian inspired new religions with traditions" was also an inspiration for Western Philosophers.

At the same time new religions were created and used as a science, Asian medicine was combined with biological science in the Western world, replacing the religious ideas on illness Humorism was created and was about bodily fluids that needed to be in balance to cure people of illness. 

Humorism was the basis for Hippocrates (460 before Christ till 370 before Christ)

Hippocrates was the basis for Galen 129 years after christ till 200-216 after Christ. 

images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTl_5zluXGhRIxozyZ9JJKBesides the religious ideas to cure, there was already science and medicine in Western World.

Hippocrates used an aspirin to cure pain and fever, but the name Aspirin was created years later. 

Phrenologist used all this work above into a beginner neuroscience, where the skull was measured and would explain the character of the person and the possible illness. Craniology still uses phrenology. 

Then the timeline continues....

1800 - Phrenologists put forward their localizationist manifesto
1837 - First nerve cell described Purkinje
1861 - Borca publishes paper on language localization
1870 - Applying electrical currents to dog cortex causes movement Fritsch and Hitzig 
1929 - EEG developed as a researcher tool Berger
1940-1960 - Cognitive psychology emerges Influential Broadbent, Miller, Chomsky and others. 
1973 - CT Hounsfield
1973 - MRI Lauterbur Imaging developed
1979 - In vivo blood flow measured in humans, enabling PET Reivich et al. 
1985 - First study of TMS reported Barker et al. 
1990 - BOLD response reported enabling fMRI development Ogawa 

Timeline Phrenology to present day, Students Guide to Cognitive Neuroscience, Jamie Ward, third edition 2015. 

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