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  Prostate disease in life which is very common, male diseases and many of our life bad habits are very important, for male friends, in life, we must pay attention to their own prostate parts of the health if the emergence of prostate disease , We need to go to a professional male hospital in a timely manner to conduct a comprehensive physical examination, and sometimes also need to undergo a biopsy check, we share it!

  Systemic prostate biopsy is a minimally invasive examination that also diagnoses prostate cancer for the most reliable examination, without one. With the development of science and technology, the most widely used is the ultrasound positioning of the prostate biopsy, through ultrasound guidance, can be more accurate access to suspicious prostate cancer tissue and avoid larger blood vessels to further improve the puncture Of the diagnostic rate and reduce the risk of complications. Because biopsy will form a small puncture hole, so there will be bacterial invasion and the risk of blood leakage. The risk of fever after puncture is about 2%, while the majority of patients with bleeding are minor and need no special treatment. In addition, the risk of anxiety during the puncture process may induce nerve reflex, forcing the examination to stop, so a good, peaceful mind is to reduce the complications of indispensable "positive energy"!

  Prostate biopsy is a risk factor, it may be chronic prostatitis or local tissue lesions of the reason. Can be applied to medicine and other drugs before the combination of physical methods to try. Regular review it. Puncture biopsy is the use of puncture equipment from the prostate to remove some of the relevant organization. This time the patient side of the bed in the bed, the patient's friend's knees bent as close as possible to the abdomen, this time the doctor will use an ultrasound probe into the rectum, in the conduct of this examination, the patient will feel a little discomfort.Later, the doctor will pass through the rectal wall through the piercing gun, extract the things in our prostate, this process is very short soon, so the patient friend will not feel the pain, for male friends, do not be too afraid, we Be sure to actively check with the doctor.

  For those who have a significant complication and are at higher risk of death, and whether there is already a higher risk of post-operative infection, whether biopsy is appropriate for this part of the population remains controversial.In general, prostate biopsy is performed only if the patient has been diagnosed with an improvement in survival or morbidity after prostate cancer. For young patients, the treatment of localized prostate cancer to benefit the most.PSA is a prostate-specific antigen secreted by the prostate. To a certain extent, the level of PSA in the blood can reflect the health of the prostate, such as benign prostatic hyperplasia and prostate cancer, PSA can be significantly increased.Prostate cancer early asymptomatic, PSA can appear elevated, early detection can be early treatment. Even if it is found in advanced prostate cancer, timely treatment can also extend the survival period.

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