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 Prostate cancer is the most common male malignancy malignancy, the incidence of growth with age, the incidence rate after lung cancer, cancer is the second in cancer. As the population is aging, the incidence has increased in recent years, you said the best use of traditional traditional Chinese medicine conservative treatment, many patients can survive long after the rehabilitation. Chinese medicine long-term clinical practice has accumulated a lot of very effective treatment.

  There are many hospitals in the treatment of prostate cancer, the treatment of the general approach are the same, mainly to see the patient's own situation, physical condition, mental state, and tumor location, size, and distribution, which have a direct impact on treatment , The proposed choice for their own therapies, for treatment, in order to faster treatment of this disease.Prostatitis is not treated in time to develop prostate cancer. Suffering from prostate disease must be timely treatment, or delay easily lead to chronic prostatitis. Prostate disease often causes local congestion, swelling, oppression of the urethra, resulting in acute urinary retention. Acute inflammation of the prostate easily spread to the seminal vesicle, causing acute seminal vesiculitis. While bacteria can be retrograde lead to epididymitis.

  In order to strengthen the prevention can also help some traditional Chinese medicine for health care, such as traditional Chinese medicine ginseng rare saponins ginsenoside Rh2 (protectin) can improve human immunity, as well as direct inhibition of cancer cell growth, induction of cancer cell differentiation, Cancer adjuvant therapy is also very obvious, the content of the body around the best absorption of the effect.These drugs can be used in the short term to reduce the mass, control the transfer of proliferation, reduce pain, stabilize the disease, prolong survival, can effectively control the transfer and metastasis of cancer cells, can enhance the immune function in order to achieve inhibition of cancer cell growth, enhance immunity, To prevent the spread of transfer.Puncture biopsy, it is generally not cause cancer cells spread, but puncture if the puncture needle into the deep, it is likely to lead to cancer cells into the bladder tissue, this is not to say the absolute words, but this is the need Confirmed, if it is early, you can take intraoperative frozen pathology to diagnose the nature of the disease.

  Technology in the continuous development of the method has been replaced by radiotherapy and chemotherapy. It is recommended to use a combination of treatment mode to improve the immune resistance to cancer is the most, supplemented by Chinese medicine nursed back to health, China's traditional Chinese medicine has a long history, broad and profound, can be the root; another mentality is very important, do not be afraid and anxious, otherwise only worse. Such as can be done, can significantly extend the patient's life, early treatment was effective, can return to normal life, patients with advanced metastases can improve 5-20 years and other different times, or even longer. The key without surgery, no chemotherapy, treatment painless, so the cost is not high.

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