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Prostatitis refers to the prostate in the pathogen and / or some non-infectious factors, the patient appears to pelvic pain or discomfort, dysuria and other symptoms characterized by a group of diseases. Acute prostatitis is an acute infectious disease located in the prostate, there are obvious symptoms of lower urinary tract infection and chills, fever, muscle pain and other systemic symptoms, urine, prostatic fluid increased the number of white blood cells or even pus.Prostatitis affects the incidence of prostatitis can affect adult men of all ages. The prevalence of adult males under 50 years of age is higher. In addition, the incidence of prostatitis may also be related to the season, diet, sexual activity, genitourinary tract inflammation, benign prostatic hyperplasia or lower urinary tract syndrome, occupation, socioeconomic status and psychosocial factors.

  The method of physical therapy is now more fashionable, through the physical physiotherapy approach, warm the local part of the prostate, promote blood circulation, and the absorption of inflammation to achieve the purpose of treatment. Drug treatment is still the main treatment of prostatitis treatment, anti-inflammatory drugs are also enhanced immune drugs, there are a lot of special effects but the adaptation of the crowd is different, need to choose under the guidance of a doctor.In clinical practice, the role of antibiotics with a lot of traditional Chinese medicine such as diuretic and anti-inflammatory pills, and thus the current market of antimicrobial proprietary Chinese medicine is also complicated. In general, should be prepared for the treatment of common infection of proprietary Chinese medicines, such as upper respiratory tract infections, intestinal infections, urinary tract infections and women's reproductive system infections, etc., in order to develop self-medication, Family small medicine box can be prepared as appropriate to treat these systems infection "traditional Chinese medicine antibiotics".

  Diagnosis of prostatitis mainly through the patient's symptoms, age, occupation and other points to do reference, if the patient appears frequent urination, urgency, insomnia, irritability and other symptoms, should consider whether there is prostatitis.The diagnosis of prostatitis we first pass these points, the first is through its symptoms, one is it has no age, age is actually also a very important, work, occupation, because prostatitis is often easy for some young people Suffering from prostatitis, and our work habits, sitting work, such as the office staff, engage in IT, the driver, and so he long to sit, resulting in the formation of prostatitis, the other is its symptoms, such as Said the emergence of urinary frequency urgency, just said that the perineal discomfort, there are some soreness there are some other serious changes in emotional, for example, more easily impatient, serious there will be some mental symptoms, such as insomnia , Can not sleep, irritability, etc. These circumstances, we must consider that he may be prostatitis.

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