A note on the high low literacy rate in the Netherlands

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images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSY8445QAPZ56aMf-2B0HRA note on the high low literacy rate in the Netherlands

The Dutch school system keeps the Dutch low literate. 

In 2014 people found out Dutch had 10% of low literacy in their population. 2015 and 2017 showed even how low literacy seemed to be increased.

Today millions of people in the Netherlands don't reach a high school level. The MBO 2/3 is all they will achieve and that level is a level to compare with max. second year of high school. They can hardly read, write and speak on a good level. Even reading traffic signs or other signs is hard for them. 

So their low literacy is a very low literacy. 

Not understanding simple things is the reason why low literacy is linked with crime rate. 


images?q=tbn:ANd9GcS8M2Zof5LqhOTjZPVB_PeWhat if teachers are the low literate?

Low literate in the Netherlands had C/D scores or even lower in their overall scores at elementary school. They couldn't go to a high school, because of their low grades. They followed a further elementary alike education in a high school alike building and school system. There they ended max. comparable to a second year of a normal high school level. 

Then continued further education on the lowest level there is, but these further educations on these lowest levels are still not comparable to a full high school level, also not an associate degree when they finish this further education level. 


images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSJQnl0HkwF7ohdU-wBWhrWhat should we do about it?

Low literate should actually have been given more time in elementary school and should have started elementary from 8-12 years old and then continue with high school when they are ready. That means when they have A's. Then the knowledge can build up in their minds. That way they would have been able to continue their classes at their own pace and able to have high grades and knowledge.

Their IQ can be normal. But the clue is not their IQ, the clue is all brains are not developed until 23. All children are not able to write below 7 years old. All children need their episodal to find the will to study. All children should not be in a school building but should be developing at home.

So they also didn't get a fair pace at school. We can not just blame them. A lot of people needed better education higher educated educators and more time not only these low literate. 

Everyone could do better in a different school system. 

Our Dutch education system is the fault of low literacy and especially the education system where our teachers are made teachers. 

Schools start to young in Holland and are neglecting a lot of parts of good education. So the education is the fault of low literacy.


The elementary teachers themselves are comparable to these low literacy groups.

It is not much above this level what they can themselves. Because teachers themselves were the C/D leveled in elementary, then were still not great in highschool. They just made that level and mainly not easily, or started on MBO 2-4 levels and could finish that level and were able to finish last 2 years of the normal high school right after, which gives them entrance to the teacher school. 

All elementary teaching schools bachelor for education aren't very great degrees.


images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTTvcZicU1JICNk9fvnC0jOur elementary teachers were never taught all school subjects on a very high level.

Most subjects they must teach children in school soon, they weren't following in high school themselves at all and did not graduate in these subjects. And mostly that is for the subjects biology, math, science, economics, geography and other subjects that are tipically not even in the profile in highschool for them.

They don't follow these subjects at all but do have to teach them soon. 

And the few subjects they will teach at elementary could have been passed with a 40%. 3 subjects on their high school diploma could have been passed with just 40%, that is possible.

So it is a very low profile in high school for them. That literary means they are remaining on an elementary level. 


images?q=tbn:ANd9GcScXmModBddHTeMg9xa0p8Dutch elementary teachers just don't have A's or B's or C's for elementary subjects.

So the level on elementary that they perhaps could get A's for is questionable, and most likely they would end in 1st -3rd grade. It is also why elementary teachers believe easily school is hard, and children cannot achieve an A. They don't believe in schools because they can not get A's there themselves. 

But all children nowadays need A's for the highest high school level. Actually A plusses. And A/B's for the normal high school level. 

While teachers don't have to pass higher then 55% on tests for most subjects in teachersschool.

Only dutch language and elementary math class they could have been asked for to have 75% nowadays.

Many teachers have older diploma's then the current college. They have nothing comparable to a teachers degree. 


The dutch elementary educational bachelor degree is a very questionable degree.

Because the teachers aren't even getting much lessons on teaching too. They mainly visit an elementary school every week a few hours during their teacher school years and just copy what the current teacher does at elementary.

Then study only the elementary subjects on an elementary level. Has a few books that hasnt to be completed at all.

They only learn some paragraphs of some books about raising, classrooms and teaching. 

They are not on a psychologist level about memory, IQ and learning. Not even a few paragraphs they could understand of that.


images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTkUBSBabkfctfr_8P9oQOThe elementary teachers are kept low literate themselves by our bad school system, and their bad educational schools teachers. 

No body climbs out of the low educational level in this country. Except now,  the new elementary students are the first who must have A's!

But no teacher can teach them! No teachers teach them to be A students at all. A teacher that can not even pass exams with A's for 3rd grade themselves isn't a great teacher for 4th till 6th-grade students.

So these few children that can pass with A and they do that all by themselves those are now only allowed on highschool. Some with B's. But not one other subject should drop lower then B/C. It is unfair, but someone has to start to get A's, else the entire economy will be in trouble. None would anything about life. If your teachers cannot teach, there is no great input. It should be fair!


All teachers could score A+ for all subjects they teach, at least.

But only if their teachers help them with that.

The educational teachers at university should teach the new teachers how to get A+ themselves too. Then the few who can should be teachers at elementary. But who will teach their teachers that?


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