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With the development of the world's most powerful green laser handheld pointer and release, laser technology in the world have been reversed. The green laser, all packages and the range of 300 mw, 500 mw in 532 nm green. Whatever path you choose when buying a laser pen, must be to you may be considering any brand, model and study on their own business.

Whatever you decide to buy a 500 mw green laser pointer, you should always consider research, the brand and model of research you are considering. Contact the company to see if you can get help if you need it. We can meet all these standards, including IR filter and the FDA standard safety features, all types of accessories and warranty full backup on each order. On kitlaser, you can buy a laser pointer to your satisfaction.
Every time you want to get a new technology like a laser pointer, you have a few key elements to study, so you can think about when it's the best chance to buy a laser. Safety guidelines, cases, chargers, eyeglasses, are a couple of things you should be looking for, depending on the model you're considering.


Laser pens are more expensive to buy than other lasers. But even now the purchase price of laser pen, perhaps you can save money in the first year. And when you think your laser pen lasts more than 15 years, the amount of savings will continue to rise. After all, when you buy laser pointer, you are investing in technology, any business during the warranty period can't lag behind the laser need to be taken seriously.In a business or a public place where many lights are used for a long time, the modifications to the laser pen will reduce the need for air conditioning, so that the power consumption can be lowered to keep the temperature down. The price of a laser pointer that has dropped to 300mW is now an affordable and viable option.The Internet and the willingness to buy green laser pens online to make sure that the retailer's web site is usually better than traditional do-it-yourself and laser shops. Another development is a specialized company and website, usually provides a better deal when buying in quantity.

Amateur astronomers use green (552 nm) or red (650 nm), a laser designator to observe celestial bodies. Check all kinds of laser classes and their use. Laser principle: the election of atoms (excited) level changes, and return by emitting photons to steady state.Senator Catherine Dumas (Catherine Dumas) said: "in the laser Mr And kupi west airport on a plane, less laser laser astronomy astronomers have received more than 600 complaints. Severe cases: on August 31, 2010, a 20 year old man in Austria (Val) landed was sentenced to six months probation, indicating three aircraft cockpit - DE marne). Maxime Malka, an air France lawyer, said: "landing is a critical stage and there are fewer crashes.Green laser pens are increasingly using green laser designators amateur astronomers in public events such as "night of the stars" to show the sky, while others use it as a viewfinder in parallel with the telescope. But in recent weeks, the tools have been at the heart of questions about the dangers of civil aviation.

So Catherine Dumas's procurement of powerful lasers (internal security direction and procedural law) amendments. It stipulates that "a penalty of six months in prison and a fine of 7,500 euros" shall be imposed on the purchase of a laser device which is not suitable for a specific authorization and USES more than four types of laser equipment. For manufacturing, importing, free or free of the laser designators, same penalties, sales or free distribution, sale, sale or free distribution of the same materials. So we should correct and reasonable use burning blue laser pointer, in expressing affection of laser pen, also can consider the feelings of others, don't use it to do things that hurt others, also some negative effects on the market the news of the laser pointer.

Therefore, the third-class laser used by amateur astronomers is directly targeted.But for the time being, didn't do anything, because ministerial the execution of the law has not yet been published. Catherine dumas, abandoned by several amateur astronomers, proved sensitive to their needs. In response to an E-mail that was recently sent by the green laser pen 3000mw, the astronomy enthusiast, Thierry Gauthier, she replied, "I have issued a warning to the minister of the interior, asking for the publication of the laws of the specific purpose of laser device, which is the scientific part of astronomy. Without any extra attention, you can continue to live your passion. But the future of this tool in our practice is still suspended.

There are no fixed site binoculars, the longest and most difficult are Settings, and then object search. One is not simply "pointing to me" via software, so that the telescope is automatically positioned on the galaxy. You need a map of the night sky, find the constellations, and find the stars closest to the object you are looking for. Green laser pointer, and because the instrument, you've finally pointed out that you are looking for, but in the end part away from the "simple telescope approximation set of zodiac constellation is very arduous. Before I use the strapping screws of the tube as the alignment method. Then I looked at the seeker to see if there was a very bright star near the center. That's the complicated part. When the researchers looked at it, the north and south reversed, in the west. Greenlaser pointer 1000mW we want to go up, down in the researchers... Nothing is better than the wrong direction. In addition, it is generally overblown. There is no way to find the end of the target constellation: the tail of a big bear's cage, for example. There are also SLR sensor sizes. There is nothing to change but for some objects, the red laser 5mW images are very small so that you can scale them. So I started to use barlow 3 * capture.

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