DNA-Lines development

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Higher Biology

This information is based on the perception of one of the workers of De brandstof van je lichaam. Let this be a good lession for you!


De DNA-Line development

The DNA is well formed in de environment of the body. It's like a symbolique. The DNA-line is formed bij the pre-parents. What they did, act and eat tells a lot of your DNA structure right now.



The cancer-GEN exist, that's for sure. But you can act on this with a great lifestyle. You can develop breastcancer if the pre-parent had it too. Further information about this must come in the future.


People that live on the same DNA Line

The people that are the closesest to your DNA-expression line is your family. The simpliest way to talk to, is just your family. That is the reason why we want to talk to this family by a loss of a nearest.


There is hope in the future by disease

We think that there is hope for all of you, but we don't know it for sure. We are working for the best methodes for curing diseases. We want to change DIS-EASE to EASE.


More to be announced soon! Keep updated, www.debrandstofvanjelichaam.nl

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