Schrijfsel : Never Enough

Door RebelOfEden gepubliceerd op Wednesday 16 August 09:39

Even after all these years, she still can’t help but think about the girl. For a long time, she was convinced that the girl would be thinking about her too. How could she not? After what they had been through together. The girl must be thinking about her. The girl must remember.

But it has been years. Years of not speaking. Years of not being in each other’s life. Still, she was convinced that the girl would remember her. Until she faced the truth. The girl doesn’t care about her anymore. When the girl told her she loved her… it might have been true then. But not anymore. Now she is not even a memory to the girl anymore. Lost and forgotten.

She should have realised it sooner. After all, the girl did tell her, all those years ago. She was special, but never enough.

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