Is it possible to get possible with thickening of the endometrium?

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In daily life, many women go to the hospital for gynecological examinations, and they are very afraid after they are examined for thickening of the endometrium. Thickened endometrium is condition about uterus and patients are worried about whether the condition is going to affect pregnancy.

In fact, the thickening of the endometrium does affect pregnancy, concluding the following:

  1. First, endometrial thickening most often leads to extended menstrual circle, heavy menstrual bleeding. The abnormal discharge of vagina will increase risk of bacterial infections. At the same time, too much bleeding can also cause anemia and decrease resistance to infection, eventually make women suffer from genital tract inflammation. If patients have severe symptom, the pregnancy rate may decrease.
  2. Patients with endometrial thickening of most of the patients often suffer from no symptoms of ovulation. As is known to all, conception is the combination of eggs and sperm, if endometrial thickening results in no ovulation, then infertility can develop. So, for those who have endometrial thickening can increase pregnancy rate by promoting ovulation.
  3. From clinical observation, endometrial thickening always is related with endometrium inflammation. At this time, the environment of uterus is usually not very good, and is likely to cause the stability of embryo implantation, resulting in early pregnancy abortion.

From what has discussed, the thickening of the endometrium does affect pregnancy rate. Thus, thickened endometrium treatment is indispensable and effective treatment makes conceive possible. 

Patients can receive surgical therapy or medication to treat the thickening of the endometrium. For those whose hyperplasia doesn’t develop to endometrial cancer, medication is relatively better choice. Because surgery can cause irreversible damage to female reproductive system, and medication such as fuyan pill also can treat endometrium thickening. Fuyan pill has great advantages in treating the condition and it is a good traditional Chinese medicine formula. Fuyan pill can clear heat, promote blood circulation to remove blood stasis, regulate menstruation and treat endometrial thickening and other gynecological diseases.


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