Sharing a story about curing PID

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There is a case. Cindy comes from USA. She had endometriosis and received surgery, however, she felt painful after surgery, so she just took some painkillers. Unfortunately, the painkillers no longer relieve pain as before. So Cindy had to consult with her doctor and received test, report indicated she had PID may be caused by the prior surgery. Cindy consulted Dr. Lee through internet, and told Dr. Lee about her disease history. Dr. Lee prescribed her with fuyan pill. In the beginning, her pain was much relieved, especially in the pelvis, but she still worried about if the pain would recur. One month later, she sent email saying that there was still much bleeding during periods, but she was very confident for the treatment. Three months later, she told that her period was normal.

Many patients choose antibiotics to treat PID, and they don’t take drug resistance into consideration seriously. Accept drug resistance, these antibiotics also destroy the friendly bacteria in the gut and skin, causing imbalance and other symptoms in the body. Moreover, the overuse of antibiotics is harmful for immune system, which may affect the condition recovery. In addition, antibiotics also carry a lot of side effect, including vomiting, belly pain, nausea.

Thus, it is time to learn natural remedies for pid. Traditional Chinese Medicine is known as safe and effective by many people all around the world. Fuyan pill is anti-inflammatory in nature, it can kill bacteria, diminish inflammatory, in other words, it has function of antibiotics, but don’t have the side effect of antibiotics.

Don’t view PID as simple inflammatory. The complications of PID is complicated, PID can cause scarring inside your reproductive system, which can lead pelvic pain, infertility, and ectopic pregnancy. Thus, PID deserves your concerns.

Fuyan pill is safe and effective medicine and all ingredients in fuyan pill are extracted from plants.


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