The magic of writing

Door Mwanamke Imara gepubliceerd op Sunday 02 July 21:48

What does one do when one has so much spare time that one cannot even think of all the possibilities of activities to do? When one is like me, one writes. One writes to discover those countless possibilities, to set free all creativity and unleash the hidden thoughts in one’s mind. It is truly liberating. Whilst listening to music all the words flow like one is under an unbelievably strong spell, in a trance, occasionally glancing to the monitor in front of them to see these words appear. Being able to retrieve inspiration from the smallest of things. A flag blowing in the wind, the sun shining on the grass, cars passing by, clouds floating in the skies. Magical it is. 

Can one run out of inspiration? Personally, I think there is no such thing. I have not, for that matter. For me, inspiration is everywhere. Not necessarily just things one sees happening in nature or outside, it is my inside I receive a lot of inspiration from. My own feelings, emotions, thoughts. Things I go through, people I worry about, my loved ones I want to take care of. And then my dreams; colours flashing, unexplainable happenings my subconscious made up. Everything inspires me, and as a result the words just come to me. Which is only one of many reasons why I love to write.

Since I will never be out of inspiration, my fairest guess is that I will never stop writing. Up until now I never allowed anybody to read anything I had written, but change is coming. I am changing as a person, opening up, spreading creativity and love through the amazing concept of creative and narrative freedom. Will anyone read it? God only knows. But it doesn't matter. I will continue writing any either way.

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