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From this cold and poisoned body
In the dark and toxic night
After sabotaged attempts at breathing
I let my soul escape this fright
Knowing somewhere up in heaven
There must be a hint of light

Halfway between life and death
I sit straight up in my chair
Look, that is already an improvement
No one helped me to get there

Sadly, sadly, here I ponder
Thinking “Where did I go wrong?
I, who was always there for loved ones
Why did I have to die alone?”

Many children are a blessing
But chances are that one or two
Have a broken moral compass
Taking with them many others
Destroying all you did, and you

Not even all the love of parents
Nor the love of God can sooth
The ice cold heart of one who prefers
Hate  and  death and cynicism
Over light and love and truth

All my jewels, my other children,
My life, my goods, my earthly wealth
All my thoughts, my songs, my efforts
I gave up to one so cruel

I was fully convinced my sacrifice
Would warm his heart and make him nice
But nothing worked
And here I am
In the hall way between death and life

No more effort I will put in
Trying to make cruel ones kind
I will now use all my forces
To help those who were always on my side

I will cure them give them comfort
Show them where I am right now
Standing up here from this chair
Greeted by who went before

Hugging, dancing, laughing, happy
We go into the bright white light
Angels in human form we were on earth
Angels in our own form we are right here

Cry no longer my sweet daughter
Here some cures, some butterflies, your husband’s ring
Loyal you were in my life time
Loyal until my last breath  and beyond

You showered me with kindness always
So that’s what I am doing to you now

I told you often, “Keep your distance
From your older siblings
They are not nice
They cheated your father and me
Awful they will always be”

Leave them and all those who believe them
Consider it a lovely gift
To be ridded of the insincere
For those are the ones who let you die alone
And cheer instead of mourn on the day that you are gone

So live wisely and remember me with love
And I will remember you and yours
In heaven’s party up above




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