Who wins: fed or crypto's?

Door Emstel Fleckens gepubliceerd op Thursday 08 June 21:32

The Federal Reserve is the US Central Bank who controls the US money supply. Some people claim that with a currenty in value declining USD, in the end game, a collapse of the US dollar is inevitable.

Let's for their sake say they are right. Don't you think that the people who control the system haven't figured that out also? Is for example Peter Schiff, the only one who sees this is coming?

The assumption today is that the crypto currencies, virtual money, no more than bits 'n bites, are a product of the people, not the Federal Bank(s). But are they? Could they possibly be the product of Wall Street? Could it be that some Wall Street bankers are just as bright as Peter Schiff, and have figured out it is time for more control of the population and a new system?

No, the Federal Bank knows exactly what is going on. It is even possible that they already own lots of crypto's, bought with all those returning USD's.

I do have to give Peter Schiff some credit: he is very much right that the current global reserve status of the USD is under threath, but he is very wrong about the blockchain and crypto's. He should stick to gold and silver.

There are currently about 750 to 850 crypto's around or being programmed. None of those are officially regulated, which means, that even more so than the USD, your crypto's aren't safe.

Another problem: the blockchain. Why should people that can't program themselves, put all their trust in nerd money, in bits and bites on a stick, or in a wallet? How safe is it? What about hacking, phising, bail-in scenario's or virusses?

How difficult would it be for a smart programmer to put some password protected kill-switch features in his blockchain?

Who is the creator of this money? I believe there is a possibility it is the Federal Bank itself. Why not? They might want to have an internet controlled money supply, empowering them even more.

The blockchain makes it even possible to find out everything about you: it will ultimately destroy all anonimity and privacy. It is a mechanism that offers unseen control possibilities to who has the right secret paswords to access the deep blockchain.



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