De Zuid Indiase keuken (een inleiding)

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Indian cuisine.

Given the cultural diversity in India it will be apparent that each region has its own specialized "kitchen". The Indian 'cuisine' as a whole feast for the stomach and eyes, while the scents are unmatched. I do not have the concept of 'spices of India actually not further explain to Westerners, because the lure of spices brought both the Portuguese and the British (Note: and Dutch) to this country.
So in short: what makes everyone happy stomach? Eat !! And especially Indian food.
In this blog I will, however, I now confined to the southern Indian cuisine in general.
The cuisine of the southern Indian states of Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Andhra, Kerala:


The food in south India is mainly built around rice and millet. Commonly used ingredients: coconut (oil), ghee (a type of boiled butter), sunflower oil, chili, turmeric, ginger, coriander and cardamom
A nice tradition is to serve the meal on a banana leaf. It is an eco-friendly and hygienic concept. Although nowadays this practice in many restaurants and households displaced by stainless steel plates and bowls (This is called a Thali = Hindi for 'plate'), this cultural link with the past is especially during special occasions (eg. Weddings) maintained .

What to choose?


Karnataka:  Idly-sambar, dosa, ragi mudde, ragi rotti, Mysore pak, Bisi bele bath; Some things here at 't stand menu and t are worth trying.

Tamil Nadu:  dosa, pongal, rice bowl (Saapadu). Chettinadu (note: southern Kerala) is known for a wide variety of chicken and sheep meat dishes.

Kerala:  Appam, avail, puttu, payasam. Given that this is a coastal province, it is not surprising that hurt a lot of fish is eaten. (Note: also combined with rolls of coconut scrapings.)

Andhra:  Mango pickles either avakaya, gongura (red sorrel), tomatoes and lemon pickles are local specialties. Lentils aplenty in Pappu (dal = vegetable dishes). There is also the pulusu (stew) and other often very hot spicy dishes. Well known is the Hyderabadi Biriyani. (Note: Compare it with a kind of spicy nasi).

On the menu as well as in the many (better) confectioners you will find a variety of goodies.
(Note: Try not hesitate everything You will not find problems quickly..)
Street food:
In the evening arrive in India the streets to life. Many food stalls will be crowded.
Hawkers have mobile stalls where people around droves. While it is not always hygienic, it is a typical Indian phenomenon. (Note: If you try it, pay attention to the audience Many families and office staff:. Than it usually is okay)
Some commonly eaten street delicacies:  paani-puri, samosa, paav-bhaji, vada-pao, chilli bhajji, momos, kebabs, missal paav, fresh sugar cane juice, lemonade, Chaai (tea) etc.

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