The War on GOLD.

Door FreeCrisisAdviser gepubliceerd op Thursday 06 October 19:32

A new global currency.

If you believe that the USD will remain the world's strongest international reserve currency, you are well misinformed! The USD did bring the USA world domination and with a strong military presence in the Middle East, it was also able to maintain the Petro Dollar.


But is seems ever more clear that that won't last much longer.

The world doesn't like the overprinted USD anymore and doesn't want to own them anymore to pay for oil! Eventually the world will need a new and more stable international reserve currency. Because the fact that the United States of America can't keep enforcing world trading in USD, it will ultimately loose most of its credibility. Why would China own USD's if it can also trade oil with the Middle East without American interference. Simple as that!


So here's the SDR.

An upcoming China has made it very clear that they prefer the SDR to be the new international reserve currency. This will be a first step towards a new financial system.

In any case, the problem with the SDR is its lack of liquidity. However, the IMF has made it possible for countries to sell their large dollar positions for SDR's.

Is the SDR more valuable than the USD if it's not backed by gold?

No, I believe it is not. That's why eventually the new currency will need a Gold backing!

Why a war on gold?


China and Russia have been buying lots of gold the last years and if you understand the value of gold, you just have to connect the dots to understand that China and Russia are going for a new goldstandard. America, who should have more than 8000 Tons of gold in its safes, finally caught up with this minor detail. So it seems that who owns the most gold in the near future, will have the most credibility.

At the same time, when everybody buys gold, this typically happens when the stock market implodes. So the New York banksters are using derivatives to push the goldprice down, because they fear a higher goldprice. A higher goldprice would mean that there's a big problem and they are doing everything they can to allow the US stock markets to remain high! These are the too big to fail stock markets!

The banksters also don't want gold to go too high too soon, fearing that China would then show the world it's gold reserves...

This elite group of banksters are also buying in gold, and want to do this at lower prices. So they push down the precious metals market with their derivatives manipulation tactics. When they eventually have bought enough gold themselves, they will "allow" gold to skyrocket. And they'll be rich again! Don't you love it when a plan comes together?

Proof of this manipulation is becoming more clear by the day! Most people in Europe start to catch up. China and Russia are taking the lead, and others will follow.


I believe that you should buy some physical gold and silver to protect your wealth. I think we will see a new recession, caused by a derivatives bubble (Deutsche Bank possibly!), a period of painful hyperinflation, and gold will do well in that scenario. After all the turmoil is finally over, we will open our eyes in a changed world: a world with a new leader (China of course, and possibly Russia!), and a new international reserve currency (still to be created! The SDR's are just a first step!), but at last 25% backed by gold (and possibly 25% backed by silver!).

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