Under the Wings of the Raven: 13. Werewolf

Door Rudi L gepubliceerd op Monday 03 October 10:48

I am crying the moon in the air
and feeds the wolf in me
with blood and tears

in me awakes the night

while the owl is screeching
in my head
and his all seeing eye
is looking my worries

It is the wind that is my skin
and the earth my bed
I smell my fear
in the deep of the gray

but my dream
is more realistic
then all the colors
of the morning 
that is coming for sure.

© Rudi J.P. Lejaeghere


A poem out of my Collection 'Under the Wings of the Raven', a set of 16 Poe-ish Poetry Poems.

Narrated version: https://soundcloud.com/rudi-lejaeghere/werewolf

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