Under the Wings of the Raven: 11. But Sleep... not yet!!!

Door Rudi L gepubliceerd op Monday 03 October 10:43

I hear it scratching on the attic floor
yesterday it was still behind the wall
sometimes I think it’s all in my head
the sound that clatters in my chamber

then in the corner of my eyes I see
fingers that stretch and reach for me
eyes in the dark, a mouth wide open
rows of teeth like knives that cut

it whispers something I can’t explain
slippery words that look like snakes
in bed I search between the drapes
I close my eyes but sleep… not yet.

© Rudi J.P. Lejaeghere


A poem out of my Collection 'Under the Wings of the Raven', a set of 16 Poe-ish Poetry Poems.

Narrated version: https://soundcloud.com/rudi-lejaeghere/but-sleepnot-yet

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