Is Natural Treatment for Hydrosalpinx Useful?

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Hydrosalpinx is a collection of fluid within the fallopian tube, often accompanied by closure of the distal (far) end of the tube, near the ovary. Fluid that normally flows through the tube becomes trapped by the blockage and the tube may swell, causing a hydrosalpinx. Some physicians feel that the tube must be surgically removed and the woman undergo IVF in order to conceive. Recent published data from our clinics indicate that this is often not the case. While natural treatment is more beneficial for the hydrosalpinx cases.

The advatage of natural treatment for hydrosalpinx:

  • lower cost;
  • no surgical or anesthesia risks;
  • none of the adhesions that often form after pelvic surgery (Liakakos);
  • surgery to open tubes generally gives a brief window in which to become pregnant;
  • no risk of inadvertent enterotomy – (cutting the intestine or other structures by mistake).

Herbal medicine, which isn’t common for patients with hydrosalpinx, is an effective treatment. Herbal medicine has its own advantages on curing this condition. Hydrosalpinx is commonly caused by toxic materials, sluggish Qi and blood circulation, weak immunity and so on according to the TCM view of TCM.

Clinical results for clearing the fallopian tubes varied between the TCM and medication groups. The TCM group receiving acupuncture and herbal medicine had a total effective rate 90%.

So lots of functions of signal herbs are highlighted and some useless functions are offset by adding different herbs in. Herbal medicine can eliminate hydrosalpinx totally. Fuyan pill is one of the most frequently used herbal medicines.


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