What Can Cause Acute Epididymitis

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Acute epididymitis, a non-specific epididymis, is the commonest infectious disease in the scrotum. It’s the infection of urethritis、prostatitis and seminal vesiche phlogistic, blood infection is rare. The commonest pathogenic bacterium are Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureaus.

It refers to hematogenous infection or infection via lymph, and it can associate with many acute infections diseases. For example, when the mumps is developed, virus will be excreted with the urine together, which resulted in acute epididymitis. The common acute epididymitis are divided into two categories---nonspecific and mumps. Any suppurative sepsis are associated with acute suppurative epididymitis, and even lead to testicular abscess. Patients often presented with testicular pain,and radiate to groin, apparent straining feeling. It’s accompanied with fever、nausea、vomiting and the higher amount of white blood cell. Meanwhile, symptoms are also included: testicular swelling、obvious tenderness、the swelling of oschea. Under these circumstances, you should go to hospital for timely diagnosis and treatment.

Acute epididymitis is sure to be cured as long as the patients get timely and effective treatment like herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill after discovering the existence of the disease. It’s absolutely possible to prevent the damage caused by testiculus. But men should pay attention to reproductive health and personal hygiene, and to prevent the occurrence of acute epididymitis.

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