You would not want to trade!

Door PinaJones gepubliceerd op Thursday 01 September 21:29

You would not want to trade!


Hooray! It’s winter time.

The heat in summer is like a crime!

People say: “If it rains it’s bad,

But you don’t like the sun also:

Do you know what you want

Or are  you just mad?


But that’s easy to say;

if you just can stand the heat!

If I could stand that,

You either could find me at the beach!


But I just totally can’t function

with this weather.

That’s also a reason I don’t have a paid job

People should not wish to trade with me…

But judging is all they matter!


© 2016, Erwina alias Pina Jones van 

In opdracht van Kwintes.

The summer is tragic.


Ook over de winter:

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