Do you really understand the cause of ectopic pregnancy?

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There are many causes of ectopic pregnancy, mainly as following: Surgery, not correct contraception, genital tract inflammation and repeatedly abortion.
Patients with ectopic pregnancy often have a lot of trouble; there are many causes of ectopic pregnancy disease as well. Only we know more about pregnant women appear ectopic pregnancy can do well in protection work. So, all patients must pay more attention to this problem.
Surgery may cause ectopic pregnancy.

Now more and more people will use cesarean section when give birth to a child, the method of ectopic pregnancy in patients with uterine scar location also increase. In addition, perforated appendicitis operation process also need to through surgery, it can also cause ectopic pregnancy after having the appendix removed.
Contraception method is not correct may also cause ectopic pregnancy.

Birth control pills can affect our female, progestational hormone levels; gradually will also have effect of fallopian tube wall peristalsis, ciliary activity and the secretion of epithelial cells. Once occurring hormone imbalance will affect the fertilized egg transport, causing tubal pregnancy. Many girls can’t protect them such as taking long-acting contraception, blindly use birth control pills, and then will cause ectopic pregnancy.

Genital tract inflammation can also cause ectopic pregnancy.

Women prone to occur gynecological disease: such as colpitis, cervicitis, etc. The inflammation can upward infect fallopian tubes. If not treated, it will also appear nearby tissue inflammation, affect the normal pregnant for women.

People may also cause ectopic pregnancy by repeated abortion.

Regular abortion will cause serious harm to female uterus, make the egg normally implant in uterine. Generally speaking, the more times of abortion, the higher incidence of ectopic pregnancy will be.
Ectopic pregnancy not only brings women physical and mental harm, also produces threat to patient's life, and even deprived the right of female who can be a mother.


Under normal circumstances, the incidence of ectopic pregnancies is relatively low. But for some patients who have basic diseases, the chance of an ectopic pregnancy will be obviously increased. The common disease have the following three:
1, chronic salpingitis
Ectopic pregnancy often occurred in patients with chronic salpingitis, mainly because of chronic salpingitis can cause adhesion of tubal mucosa, and damage mucous membrane, ultimately affect the normal movement of the fertilized egg in the fallopian tube.
2, abnormal development of fallopian tubes
The development of fallopian tubes are abnormal, such as fallopian tube is too long, double tubes and tubal mucosa cilia absence, etc. All can increase the risk of ectopic pregnancy.
3, after surgery such as ligation, electric coagulation or ring set method

Fallopian tubes surgery commonly are ligation of fallopian tubes, electric coagulation or ring set method, etc. Patients have a higher risk of ectopic pregnancy after surgery.

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