Lawyer and Mr X

Door BAYWATCH gepubliceerd op Friday 29 April 20:22

He went to a lawyer, to help him over his case, the lawyer was in Brussels, he had even trouble finding his office, but in the end he found it.

Everybody that he knew this lawyer said to him, he is one of the best, but was he, according to the klient not so mutch.

He was asking 70 euro for 1 our to talk to him, so they talked, and the client was not sure to hire this lawyer or not, because this lawyer was not so sure himself if he could help this client with his case.

To start the case this lawyer asked mr x for a fee off 400 euro , just to start, his case at least the lawyer got paid for talking , but the translater who translated got nothing.

People think that lawyers are gods, they can fix everything, but not everytime believe me, lawyer does his jobe according to te law, but people or clents that pay expect results, they think that having a lawyer will take care of their problems.

Mr x this time was wrong, he chose a wrong lawyer, or not who know`s but his trip to Brussels costed him money and time.

Did he find hat he was looking for , i do not know , but he`s got what he wanted, there are also a lot of good lawyers in Antwerpen, maybe for even less money, but people are prepared to sacrifice everything to get what they want.


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