Don’t be afraid of unrequited love

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Is a sound still a sound if no one is there to hear it?
Yes it is!
Is he still a winner if no one cheers for him?
Yes he is!
Is she still worthwhile if no one cares?
Yes she is!
Are you still beautiful if no one sees you?
Yes you are!
Am I still loveable if no one loves me?
Yes I am!
That is what walking on water is
Going on with zero encouragement from around you
Walking in your own love
Knowing that people’s negligence and hate do not dim Godś love.
On the contrary
They magnify it!

So don’t be afraid of unrequited love
Be afraid of not loving at all
When your love is not returned
it does not disappear
It builds you treasures
Look and you’ll notice
Talents you never had before
Miracles unfold for the friendly
So stay loving and kind
And go to where you are appreciated
Pure love will always be answered somehow somewhere
And find you if you let it

Don’t take the rejection of those unable to connect with themselves or anyone personally
They could learn from your sincerity, but they would rather push you away, along with all their feelings
While you grow in love, they grow in indifference

Don’t mind the petty little things they do to make you feel awful
Skipping you when they like comments
Liking each others pictures but ignoring yours
That’s what “bearing His cross” feels like
They hate you because you are truthful
Don; t feel bad for feeling their hate pangs in your heart and in your throat
It is not a sign of weakness that you feel this
You are chosen in helping carry the burden satan lays on Godś children

Don’t expect them to like you after you have jumped through all their little hoops
The hoops they make you jump are just excuses for their hate
They make them in such a manner that they think you will never be able to take them
And they themselves do not believe for a second anything you do will make them hate you less
They are just amused by watching you sweat
Hating you is the only bond they have with others
Since they have no love in their hearts
Ni truth in their minds
No good intentions in their being

Don’t look for a reason for their cruelty
Since reason plays no part in their decisions or actions
They live by knee jerk reflexes
And are not ashamed , but proud of it
And find your thoughtfulness unspontaneous and boring

And don’t be surprised when in spite of their rejection
They expect you to clean up the messes they make because of their thoughtless ways
Don’t be surprised if they blame you
For the things they did against your advice

Enemies come in all shapes and forms
With smiles and friendly faces
With shifty eyes and frowns

They love people like they love candy
To them the words “I love you” don’t mean
“I’ll be there for you when you need me.”
They just mean: “I enjoy you now, or I can use you know for my own . selfish ends, and when I don’t have a use for you anymore, I’ll dump you with zero regret.”

When they’re done using you
They drop you without explanation
As easily as yesterday's paper

Don’t feel pain, just relief
You have done nothing wrong
In fact, you have done things very right
Or they would surely keep you around

And whatever you do
Don’t believe the reasons they give for rejecting you
Since it is probably what they envy most in you
That they will mock and jeer you for and steal from you

When you have worked hard to change what they said they thought was despicable
You may find they copied it from you
And bear the fruits that should have been yours while you bear the shame that should have been theirs.

The bully will always find an excuse for his or her torture
It will never be his or her own fault
Did you never stand up for yourself?
Then that will be his or her excuse
Did you ever stand up for yourself?
Then that will be his or her excuse for all torture done before and after you did or said anything in your defense
Or maybe their excuse will be something someone said about you which is completely untrue
Or maybe they are angry at someone else who has more power than they, and they use you as a scapegoat, since your gentleness makes you a safe place for them to vent their hatred.

They will project the normal reaction to their bullying on you
And accuse you of having the mental illnesses that would be a normal reaction to their systematic torture
Not having them is a reason for them to call you unnatural.

They have won from the minute they started messing with your life
Since the time spent on them could not be spent on building your own life

And there you have the perfect answer for bullies
Go the extra mile if there is no other choice
Make the detour they put you on beneficial for yourself
Then all they can do is whimper that your gain is because of them
Thank them, but know better
You are a winner in spite of them!


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