My story part 1

Door Missy Jackson gepubliceerd op Thursday 14 April 19:58

13-04-2016, 16:24:

I'm laying in bed, my boyfriend went into work today..,

He can be back any minute.

I'm having music on, Cradle Of Filth right now, Her Ghost In The Fog.

I'm just following youtube, going from song to song that I like.

I have not yet decided if I should play or skip songs that I have added to the playlist, even though I know that I most likely won't be playing the playlist today.

I want to be rich.

I want to be rich and I want to be happy damnit.

And I want to tell my story, since I don't understand myself, or anything else pretty much.

I always feel like there's a higher realisation, like I'm always still waiting to wake up and once I do I'm waiting to wake up more.

I feel like everything I do is a mistake, but that not doing it would be just as much of a mistake.

I don't want my boyfriend to come back yet because I want to spend some time typing.

But at the same time I do because I actually kind of feel like having a muffin (he always brings me a muffin from work)

And I like the idea of hugging him.

So know that I have set the current situation, It feels appropriate to start the story.

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