Isn't love an odd little thing

Door Missy Jackson gepubliceerd op Wednesday 13 April 21:30

Don't we all have that one person.

That one person we fly for, all the way across the earth.

We all have a list.

A list in our minds of what we want our perfect partner to be like.

But then you realise.

That your perfect partner isn't who fits the list,

but who makes you forget you had a list in the first place.

And isn't it interesting how one moment nobody is good enough for you, and nobody meets your standards.

And you wonder if anybody will ever be able to make you happy.

But the next moment you feel so cold and alone.

And so worthless in comparison to anybody else.

That you just want to hold someone.

Anyone, really.

And how lust and love can deceive us, take charge and take our lives out of control.

Not that we were ever in control in the first place

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