My assignment week 3 for writing for children ( Changing faces

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images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQiAEKH72VXbwFqh92dA32Changing faces

23th of May.

I can not believe what people are doing or telling me. They changed boyfriends, husbands, wives, jobs, friends and every little fight makes them change again. Everytime they change the leaves of their lifetree, they come tell me. I loose them the next second after the talk. I see them talk with a program in mind and all they wish for is me to believe in this new wedding, baby, movement, or whatever they planned for next year with someone new, is going to be it. Would they not know, they are not the first telling me these things? All people tried my ears? All people in town tell me their new green, but all it does to me,is that I see a new puzzle to puzzle with. Friend one goes to friend three, for a moving in and an attemp to see if a marriage could work out some day soon. Mom goes to my best friend's uncle and asks his children for permission. A detail these two, his kids, are my other friends from school. Dad will be a bit longer away, trying to avoid my mother. He expects her to be around constantly, since I have babies. Their lives are changing, but together makes my life totally chaotic. All different faces, on the same birthdays, but the different faces, aren't so different to me at all, I knew them from other settings. They are just moving from family to family to find out if they fit in and see me everywhere in the other seat, as I may like to call these situations. They can not see me and imagine me in the other seat. The seat of the other friends house they would only hear me talk about on a warm breezy night when we have a late dinner together to catch up, just the two or three of us. Now they already know what happend in the "other house", cause they are now in it too. The main thing we shouldn't forget is that we all have been here before last year where all the same people had totally other plans, yes, and saw the other houses in town, and indeed, also on those birthdays. Sometimes I wonder on birthdays who plans such party, the house can not do it, but different people live in it and I am still at that party every year again. It is a bizar feel. I see the ceiling is the same, but the people watching with me with a buzzer to catch a annoying fly aren't the same. Half of it is. And the other half I know either... I find these people, from this town that I always named my friends, so out of the blue! And in respons to their behaviours I don't even tell what happends in my own life anymore. I don't even know since when. I just don't. Perhaps just because my story ends up in many different point of views next year when they tell their new husbands and wives, they found somewhere else in the end, some even right before their new weddingday, with this new one hot love they are now with. My talk will just end up, next season, on turned tables again and again. So I keep all to myself. I do realize I changed either. I found out that I am a different person as a mother then all said I would be. These changing people, that are changing me, kept telling me I must become a working mother. All of them have thought their thoughts out on me. And all of that is just not true for me. So I am going to move! I know it sounds surprising, but it I know it's what I must do. All these people I hardly recognize anymore after all their choices and with that their outcomes in life make me want to live somewhere else. On top of this all, where I have to keep on track with everyones continiously changing stories, I fall inlove this time, but with someone else. This good of long lost loving feelings make a move defenit. My ex has to leave, or me and the kids. Doors will be different. The key in the lock as well. Even if my love can not get there within the same colored walls, I'll have lived out my heart truthfully.

After some days...

Arriving into maxbury, makes me feel happy all at once. Flowers in my heart is how I prefer to describe this feeling. Blue, yellow, green, orange, pink and white flowers. All kind of flowers. It inspirers me to do the garden of our new house this same way, full with all kind of coloured rozes and growing plants with prettiest exotic flowers. All surounding our new place as if it's a hug of him around my heart. My new love was the best thing that ever happend to me and felt like it never had not happened. I did not have to move to move from heart to heart. I also did not have to move to find a home, he is my home. But we needed to move, my ex became trouble to me and our kids. Police came by and now we live "protected" somewhere else. We can give the cops a ring anytime my ex comes around with his delusional head trying to tell me what to do.


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