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Juno (2007) - review

Door Janreviews gepubliceerd op Wednesday 30 March 21:34

Juno is a sixteen-year-old high schooler who has got pregnant from a friend. She wants to have an abortion, but she doesn't feel comfortable at the women's clinic. She consequently decides to bear the child and give it up for adoption. After having told her father and stepmother, who are very supportive, she meets prospective parents Vanessa and Mark through an advertisement in the paper.

When I discovered that this film would be broadcast on television, I knew I had to watch it. I had completely forgotten about this film! I heard from it when it first came out, but I ended up not watching it. I am actually relieved that I didn't watch it almost ten years ago, because I wouldn't have appreciated the humour in this comedy-drama or Ellen Page's outstanding performance. Diablo Cody wrote the film and she was awarded the Oscar in 2008 for it. I have no idea how good the other nominees were, but this film had a lot of brilliant dialogue. The film was also nominated for Best Picture and Best Director (which both went to "No Country for Old Men") and Best Leading Actress (which went to "La Vie en Rose"). I haven't seen "No Country for Old Men", but it looks like a Best Picture or a Best Director winner. Marion Cotillard is marvellous in "La Vie en Rose", so I think it's fair that she won over Page.

Page is perfect for the role, because her voice is pretty nasal and that benefits her witty character, who has some fantastic one-liners. She is also really good at deadpan, which made me cackle multiple times throughout "Juno". Besides the comedic performance, Page is really good in the dramatic moments! She can switch the mood of a scene completely without it being remotely comedic and that really is a talent. 

This film kept going and I really liked that. It didn't include any more major storylines than Juno's pregnancy and it didn't stop and become unnecessarily dramatic when the story turned serious. Additionally, the supporting characters had some substance; it wasn't a one-woman show. Then again, they didn't become too dominant and overshadow the actual story.

In conclusion, this picture is a well-written comedy-drama with fleshed out characters that crosses the finishing line without getting sidetracked. 

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