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Love is sweeter than hate

Door BAYWATCH gepubliceerd op Thursday 07 January 20:50

To love sombady is better than to hate sombady.

Try it , you will find out.

World will be a better place if we dont hate each other.

Why not try to talk to one another, instead of killing each other, find ou things that all we can do together , interesting things how we can make a better place to live in.

Make love find the prince of a princess and share with him of her nice memories, nice things, dont hurt one another loosing somewhone is easy but finding him after its difficult.

When you find what you are looking for invite him to your life, with open arms , dont let him go easily, life is short , its longer when you have somebody in your arms.

First time telling somewhone that you love and will share the life with its a beautiful thing, and love will grow with the time trust me , dont let small things like money or samething else koms between, money comes money goes they say, but love comes one time in life.

I wish you all happyness in your lives, and joy and beautiful future.

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love this <3 X