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I need

Door UnknownWriter gepubliceerd op Thursday 07 January 10:44

it needs to make sence

it needs to make it clear

to forget what was right or wrong

to change the future

and keep the past

these memories will ever last

and know im trying

to go on keep


these same things

they kept me from going down

when i look through my eyes

its not only pain

i see there are some figures in the shadow

lighting all up

hold me from collapsing

so now i tried to look the other ways

to make me feel alive

and heals me from those damage

why did this came to me

and why did i regret

it has to go on

cause now its better againĀ 


reaching for the sky with hands full of pain

it wont keep me down im gonna embrace the things in my life

that makes sence to me and holds me strong

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