Three Misconceptions of Social

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1. Understanding Social Media 

There are several charesteristics of Social Media misunderstood. 

1.1. Social is deeper than you think 

People on social media do not only hold shallow conversations as we all may think but there are also a lot of deeper discussions hiding under the layers of social. These discussions have significant length and reveal the writer's thoughts and feelings about a topic. As you may know the conversations held on social media networks such as Facebook and Twitter are rather shallow and short. The REAL conversations are held on blogs, news and other media that happen to b online and are shared on these ' shallow ' social media networks. 

This social media Pyramid is made out of six distinct types of social media sites. They are ranked on the nature of the conversation held on these sites. 
The top of the pyramid shows the shallow conversations while we encounter more in depth and lengthy conversations when we move down. 
Social Networking Sites : 
There is not a soul in the world that does not know Facebook. Social Networking sites contain members from ever age, location and interest bracket and thus are, for several businesses, a great way to interact with customers and prospects. We will use these social media to REACH them but we actually want to take them deeper into the social levels to have a more significant engagement with them. 
News Agregator Sites : 
News Agregator Sites are often news sites or E-journals that bring small texts about news worthy facts. They do not get into detail and have a diverse readership base. 
Passion Connection Sites : 
Passion Connection Sites, as the title may tell, are sites where people having the same passion share pictures and articles. Have you ever pinned a pin on pinterest or put a link on reddit? Then you participated in a Passion Connection Site. 
Unlike on social media where you broadcast your message to all your connections, the messages on passion connection sites will only be broadcasted to other people that share your passion. 
Video Connection Sites : 
This is an easy one as well. These are sites where Video is the medium with which people communicate. Why are these sites important? Well we upload 60 (! ) hours of footage every minute on youtube and a lot of companies and people rather communicate via video than via text. It fits better into a multi tasking day and quickly brings over ideas and thoughts. 
Thought Leader Sites : 
This social layer consists of Bloggers. Many businesses do not get how big blogs are. There are more than 18 million blogs on the internet and the biggest blog has more than 46 million unique visitors eache month. Yes. 46.000.000 UNIQUE visitors eacht month. Do take your time to let it sink in. 
You need to incorporate bloggers and blog posts in your marketing strategy. 
Virtual Community Sites : 
These is actually both the largest AND least understood layer of social media. Discussion groups and communities emerge almost every day around common interests, problems and events around the world. On these forums and community sites, people have horizontal discussions among individuals with the same interests. Why are they different from social networks? Well virtual community sites are very focussed. 

1.2. Social networks and virtual communities behave different. 

So what about these virtual communities? People on these virtual communities talk about your market and your product. For you, as a company, it is important to take part in these communities in a way that both will benefit you as them. 
Most virtual communities will show you what discussions are being held but to participate you will have to register. These are called Private virtual community sites. 
So why do you have to register on these private virtual communities? 
Well first of all they want to be sure that you are also there to dedicate to the company mission. 
Second, most virtual community sites are managed by users. They have the power to black ball users that not contribute to the conversation and boost members that do. 
Finally virtual communities use detailed registration information to determine the interests of their users. 
The biggest difference between social networks and virtual communities is that the latter are on a specific mission and are not there to talk about every single topic. 
There are a lot od these virtual communities talking about your products. You will have to determine these communities in order to link with your prospects and customers and actively discuss the subjects that are important to your organisation. 

1.3 Virtual Communities form for different reasons 

While Social Media Channels form for reasons like demographyc and lifestyle characteristics, virtual communities are formed for completely different reaons. 
1. The Passion Community 
These communities are formed because users want to engage about things that are important to them. 
2. The Trigger Event Community 
These communities form because there is an external need to engage with others. For instance, having a baby, moving to college, buying a car etc. 
Strategically trigger event communities have different social structures where users are looking for people that have already walked the roads they are about to take. 
They want content that educates them. 
Regardless the community you are engaging in, your best role is to be a trusted expert in this community. To accomplish this goal you need to provide content, information and guidance highly relevant to the community. 


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