The hidden years in Canada 181, angry men

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Angry men

They would not stop and I would have given six weeks' pay if Bill had now been standing next to me. I breathed quietly and did not take my eyes off the men. There were only four men who mesmerized looked at each other and the distance between them lessened per step. The spell was broken by a shot that came so unexpectedly that the echo hurt your ears. The old cowboy was back on foot and he was holding a hand gun with a short barrel up. There was some smoke curling from the barrel. ‘You with the glass,’ he said with a thin hard voice, ‘drop that glass and get out, you’ve got nothing to do with this, this is a matter of honor between myself and the vipers'.

I put the glass down and did not take my eyes from the frozen scene. I first took a few steps back and then walked without taking my eyes from the group in an arc around them towards the door.  ‘One bullet into the ceiling and only five left, ‘ continued the sharp voice. I knew that the old man was right, all revolvers were six shots, since the Wild West. ‘Throw your knives on the ground or you're dead. I have five shots and I only need four.’ I accelerated now towards the door. I heard blades clattering on the floor. ‘Now I’ll shoot you all in the right knee,’ the voice continued. 'so you’ll never forget me. ‘ I stepped through the door to the outside, I heard a shot and a terrifying scream. My blood froze because I knew what was happening.

A police bus, a Black Maria, came tearing around the corner, but when I stood next to my own car, a second shot rang out. I got in and gratefully heard the drumming of the pistons in the engine block, I switched gears and steered gingerly away from the curb, even above the roar of the v8, I thought I heard a third shot. Police now ran towards bouncer who held the door open and then I switched traffic lanes and I drove direction, four Seasons.

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