The hidden years in Canada 178, sleeping quarters

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Sleeping quarters

Breakfast was over. The room looked like a tornado had raged there. Bill looked around him. ‘I always  seem to come late here,’ he muttered. ‘I'll go look in the kitchen,’ I offered. With a few steps I was at the swinging doors where greasy Jim, the filthy cook, would be at work. I stepped inside and Shirley turned around. ‘Hey,’ she said happily surprised, ‘are you looking for work?’. ‘Just looking for something to eat,’ I replied . 'Just take the leftovers, ‘she said,’ you're back on  the track again? ‘ I chuckled, as if I had not been away. 'Yes, I have been up North for a few weeks and I’ve  just come back to Calgary with my boss. ‘The cook was still stirring somewhat unclear in a pan and ignored me completely, he had apparently not yet forgiven me that I had wanted to immerse him with his head in boiling hot water. It was unbelievable, I thought he still had the same T shirt from six and a half weeks ago  on.

‘I have a proposition,’ I laughed as I loaded two plates full, I get paid tomorrow,  if I could sleep here, then I'll help you as bus boy tomorrow morning for free. ‘Help is always welcome,’ Shirley said and she looked me over,  'and where sleep is concerned, you can either sleep in your friend Jim's room and she pointed to the filthy cook, or in mine, I'm not sure if you have preference. ‘I glanced back and looked her over, was this an open invitation or was this the result of goodness? ‘. ‘I could not stay away from Jim,’ I said, 'so if I can be rescued by you that would be welcome, like, I do not snore. ‘ ‘You are a piece of work,’ she laughed back, ‘at 11 o'clock tonight my room is open  and at first snore you lie in the corridor.’

Bill looked up in surprise, ‘you have done well,’ he said, ‘and he looked with approval  at the two plates from which the eggs with bacon almost fell. ‘What are your plans for today?’ He asked with his mouth full, after cramming food inside with his fork. ‘I've arranged a room here,’ I replied, ‘and tomorrow I’ll help a bit here just to clean up and a counter favour, for the rest I'll see if I can find some friends. I have to be back around 11 o’clock, otherwise I’ll lose my room. ‘ ‘Oh, okay,’ said Bill and he burped once heavily in his hand. ‘I myself am going to bring the combination to the garage for maintenance  and a tune up and then I’ll go along to the central office to pick up our check. ‘I nodded that I understood, it was important that filters of the comby, which had been tortured so much in low gears, were changed, otherwise Bill might come to a standstill in an akward place..

‘Then we'll meet after breakfast tomorrow against,’ said Bill, ‘and then will square up and you can join me on the next ride?’ ‘First we’ll square up,’ I said, ‘and then we'll see from there how to proceed.’ Moments later, when Bill stepped out the door I went to the phone, and looked in the yellow pages for travel agents. The closest one was an outlet of Luft Hansa and I called them. A cheerful voice wished me good morning and wanted to know what she could do for me. ‘I would like information on flights from Canada to the Netherlands,’ I said. ‘I can not give you that,’ the girl said, ‘The nearest airport that we visit is Frankfurt and it is a daily flight, let’s have a look, from Montreal. What does that flight cost, ‘I wanted to know?’ A return ticket will cost you depending on the date ..'.  ‘No’,  I interrupted her speech, ‘that would be a one way.‘


‘Starting next week the new rates begin, which means about $ 680,’ said the girl. ‘But for a little more you will have a return ticket.’ ‘That will not be necessary, I replied,’ how far is it still to Amsterdam from there? ‘A couple of hours by train, I suppose,’ said the girl, ‘I'll come by tomorrow to finalize this, I said and hung up. I turned the zero and the operator came on the phone. ‘How can I serve you?’ Asked a nice voice. ‘The number of the nearest Dutch embassy, ​​please, I'm in Calgary, Alberta. ‘Then I have got one in Ottawa,’ said the girl and I jotted down the number. Ottawa, which was far away, it was the capital of Canada, it was in the East just like Montreal. I was not sure but I had an idea that it was about 4000 kilometers from Calgary and the conditions were wintery. I intended to buy a map in a bookstore and sort the distance out.

The man who came to the phone spoke perfect Dutch and after five minutes I knew what to do to, I would first look for a photographer who could make passport photographs for passports and then I would send a telegram to Ottawa with all my details.

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