The hidden years in Canada 177, the four seasons

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The four seasons

The city was the same, everything was the same as it was, like the newspaper that Bill had read in the morning. Life was here crawling about and because everything was connected to everything and everybody was part of it, there was hardly any change. Bill turned a knob and CKXl came out of the small speaker. The raised joyful voice announced a ‘riser’. A record that had caught his attention, because it was so insistent. I assumed that a significant amount of money had been shifted to the DJ’s pocket to say something like that. There was a Motown sound and then a text which actually did 'stick' to the head. ‘I heard it through the grapevine.’ I listened intently. Years later I would hear it again when I would put the Canada story to written words and I recognized the quality that the DJ announced so aptly. ‘What nonsense,’ thought Bill, ‘you can hear nothing through a grapevine.’ I had an unconscious chuckle about my boss who thought so terribly on one level. ‘Laugh,’ said Bill, ‘it is black music that you hear, you can tell by that voice, they will soon take over everything like the Russians do, or the Chinese.’ ‘Bill's for God’s sake, you do not believe that,’ I said. ‘I mean everything I say,’ said my boss.

‘Well, Bill, of course, it is not about someone listenening to a grapevine,’ I began. ‘That is what he is singing though,’ growled my boss, ‘then what does it mean?’ ‘The singer has just learned something through a network,’ which he compares to a vine crawling along everywhere and  growing and has many ramifications, ‘I paused in. He is trapped and a grapevine is slang for, on the street like, informally. ‘Hmm,’ Bill found while he now deftly steered the lorry through the busy streets, and what did he hear in those corridors, let's hear it then, 'my boss seemed interested. ‘I picked up the thread again, ‘he heard through the grapevine that his girlfriend has found love again by a previous boyfriend of hers and he can hardly handle it.’ ‘I have a picture there,’ growled, Bill and probably thought about his own divorce. ‘But to go and dedicate a song to that is a bit exaggerated,’ continued my boss.’ Nothing new under the sun, such things happen every day. ‘ We were now at the center where each intersection had a trafficlight. ‘Oh, for that very reason, people will identify with the song,’ I, ‘replied they realize only too well that it is commonplace and that the same could happen to them, then you can link and mirror the two situations and you see what the singer means and reflect on your own life. ‘


Bill's mouth hung open now, 'how do you know this, ‘he finally said. 'Phew,’ I answered,’ reading comprehension in school and something that I simply know naturally, I hear something and understand it and can relate it to my own situation. ‘You should do something with it,’ thought Bill, ‘as he pulled up again. I nodded and thought maybe I will do just that sometime. ‘Where shall I drop you off and how do we meet for the payout.’ Bill looked ahead of him now, we had arrived in the jungle of moving steel. ‘If you put me off at the 'four seasons' , then I’ll go and see if my car still starts ..’ ‘That is fine,’ said Bill, I'll buy the last meal of the trip and, and from your money that you have coming tomorrow, you can buy me a beer tomorrow ‘Thus the combination turned a moment later onto the large car park in the midst of the city, belonging to the 'Four Seasons'. From afar, I saw with a feeling of melancholy the old blue monster, the American, my Pontiac, still standing there. Bill parked his monster and I jumped out and rushed to my blue friend. The key slid quietly and smoothly into the lock and the heavy metal door opened for me. I let myself down on the bench and stuck with anxiety the key into the ignition lock and turned it around. The engine went around two times and coughed and grunted and then welcomed me with a deep growl and I felt deeply moved. Ghost in the machine came to life. Bloh Bloh Bloh the deep rumble of the V8 spoke to me in a language I understood only, it told me about a house and a brother and a sick mother .. and Beverly and her gold expedition .. Beverly !!! ‘Hey do you want something to eat or are you going to sleep here,’ came the voice of the man who only a few hours more would be my boss and that brought me back to the parking area.

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