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Plastic people

In the morning I met my boss at the salon with a newspaper in his hands. He smile and looked again like a normal citizen. ‘You might as well not read the newspaper,’ he said, ‘after six weeks wilderness, nothing has changed.’ He looked younger, as if a burden had fallen from him, and that of course was the case. He had sent the combination, into the bush and had felt for six weeks, the  weight of final responsibility and now in the normal human world, he was again one of the many. ‘lay it down,’ I advised him, ‘have you eaten?’ He folded the newspaper up and said, rising to his feet, 'no. I've been waiting for you. ‘He pointed to a table that was completely loaded up. ‘You know that,’ he asked, ‘they call that breakfast buffet, you can take what you want and as often as you like.’ ‘Boy, if only Beardy would see this,’ I laughed. ‘He could do the same, 'said Bill,' moose, moose burgers, moose sausage,  moose rolls, fried eggs with moose.’

We walked smiling to the table and I was overwhelmed by the choices that were there. It seemed almost unfair so much food as there was laid out, it seemed a little grotesque. The excess was not correct, this would never all be eaten and would then disappear in the garbage. That seemed unfair to the Eskimos who fought every day to put food 'on the table' or the Indians who lived by hunting. Just the same  I loaded up my plate. Despite all my noble thoughts and I also took care to accept a bowl of strawberries that must have been flown in from California, where else could they’ve come from. There were people tanned all year around, on surfboards and they enjoyed themselves daily on the beach in the sun.


 ’Hey you there,walk on a bit, eh, 'said a posh voice behind me, I have not got all day,’ I turned around and saw a business type with a tray full of food, who could obviously not reach where I was standing as if he had not accumulated enough,. ‘Sorry,’ I said and stepped aside. Bill paused and looked straight at the man, 'you should not talk so much, schmuck, otherwise you will end up between the fried sausages. The man looked bewildered at Bill, who put down his tray and made as if he wanted to say something. ‘Ssht,’ said my boss .. 'good advice, it is early, you should not talk too much to us, because then we get a headache and then we will turn very aggressive. ‘Is there anything you do not understand in what I'm saying? ‘ The man nodded and walked away. ‘I do not like fake people,’ Bill growled as he took the jug with all the orange juice to our table.


While eating, Bill was a lot calmer, ‘you know,’ he said, ‘the people here in the city miss respect and decency, they have no manners.’ That made me laugh, ‘you'll find it decent when you meet someone you do not know, and you promise to put him between the fried sausages? '' Hmm, that's different, ‘Bill thought, 'he provoked us with how he looked and how he spoke.’ My boss belched once firmly in his hand, which was of course the pinnacle of civilization. ‘But,’ he said, ‘if we do not go and get some more, then I suggest that we take some coffee and then drive to home base. ‘Do you have a home Bill,’ I asked? ‘Not anymore,’ my boss said grimly, ‘I ‘ll have the truck maintenanced and go to the office to collect our money and then I’ll rent myself out again.’ ‘..and you,’ he asked, ‘Do you have a home?’ ‘No,’ I said, 'but I'm not working on it and I reckon that I will soon have one' 'Soon, ‘said Bill? ‘Well, between now and a few years,’ I said earnestly. ‘That's beautiful,’ Bill thought as he got up to pay, if you make plans then there is a tomorrow. Moments later we drove back further and further away from the ice fields and we came in regions where the villages followed one another. Until we saw Calgary indicated.

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