Update 2! Heftige gebeurtenis!

Door MATA gepubliceerd op Tuesday 08 September 12:05

Voordat ik mijn spullen zou gaan verhuizen, is er wat ergs gebeurd. 

Ik was vrolijk op de zomerparkfeesten aan het dansen en feesten, totdat een groep meiden mij graag wilde slaan omdat ze dus boos waren dat het drankje was gevallen... 

Ik citeer even het stukje tekst dat ik toen schreef op mijn Tumblr blog.

There are dumb people in the world. Please reblog to help!! This i my story. I was at this local festival party. While i was dancing i knocked over someone’s drink who was coming from behind me. I apologised and got this mean dropdead glare. So i just went on dancing. When they wanted to go, i saw that they had a drink in their hand. So i atepped aside the moment she wanted to throw it on me. Luckily the drink only fell on my foot. So i said why she did that.. suddenly a girl hits me hard and says thats ny sister.. and they drag me away from my group in an instant. They held my hands and while i tried to get out of their grip they hit me several times on my face and nose.. Some guy helped me get out, whom i am thankful and he and the security took me to the first aid on the party. They called the hospital and i was taken there by my mom who got up out of bed to pick me up. When we got there i heared that i have now a defect of my left eye.. my head hurts, i got a light concussion, bruises an my nose fractured.. now i am trying to find some picture of those girls who hit me. But no luck so far… I am going to the police to tell my story. And i hope they’ll find them. They should not het away with this. If they were so upset about the drink i would’ve bought them a new one if they politely asked.. The only thing i want now, is to see them behind bars.. jail… so they will reflect on it the hard way.. If someone has seen anything, please let me know! You will be doing a good deed. It happened in venlo, the netherlands in Party tent Zent! Please reblog!

Vinden jullie dat dit normaal is? Tevens heb ik een foto van de meiden, alle tips namen etc zijn welkom!

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Nee dat is nooit normaal en hoop dat ze alsnog gepakt worden.
Ze hebben de zaak laten vallen, aangezien ze niet genoeg bewijs hadden.. Ik heb een naam en school achterhaald.. wat de politie niet heeft gebruikt, ivm privacy.