The hidden years in Canada 171, the change

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The change

The mines were followed by the rigs and those again by encampments that had to be moved. ‘The thaw is in the air,’ Bill said and we drove once again on to a lake after we had measured the ice. We had ended up in the fifth week, I estimated that, because we had refueled five times and our tanks were empty after about one week, for the rest we had become timeless. ‘Why do you think so,’ I asked ? ‘ The color of the ice has changed,’ Bill said thoughtfully, ‘because you can see it.’ ‘I don’t see the difference,’ I murmured. The combination made its way across the ice. ‘Look at the light that strikes the ice,’ said my boss, and I did not know whether it had changed or not. ‘I'm not sure if it's different,’ I said thoughtfully. ‘It could be,’ I hesitated, ‘in the end you think you see something that you might imagine.’

We drove on and then Bill said, 'that mountain in the distance, to your right, you know it, right? I saw the three peaks leaning together to one another, the three sisters, of which I knew in the meantime, that you were closing in on the happy moose. My boss coughed, ‘you must realize that we came past here around the same time last week. I did not understand what Bill was getting at. ‘Look closely at the sun, what do you see?’ His voice was insistent. I was silent because I did not see anything that was different from other times. ‘The angle of the sun has changed,’ laughed Bill, ‘don’t you see that? ' I looked and saw the tops now through different eyes, they were only a fixed point and the sun actually stood in another angle in respect to that point.


‘Soon we will need to pay extra attention,’ growled my boss between his teeth, ‘the roads will be smoother and slippery and the ice will have a layer of water on the surface, melting water that will fill the profiles of the tires and freeze up, then you do not want to know how a truck can skid off. ‘ This was new to me but I nodded, ‘ I can picture that,’ I said. ‘I doubt that,’ laughed my boss scornfully, you know it when you feel the combi sway, the lake has enough space for a big slip but on snowy roads, which are icy by the thaw, that's another story.

The black smoke plume from Beardy’s tavern loomed up like a giant exclamation mark and a moment later we were heading for the happy moose, I plugged the lorry into the power pole and we slithered over the wet  ice direction entrance. It was a fact, it was more slippery than a week before, the structure of the snow was different. ‘Some things never change,’ Bill laughed as he opened the door, but he was mistaken this time.

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