The hidden years in Canada 156, the Yaki tribe

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The Yaki tribe

We were quiet for a while and I rehashed the story. I knew Bill and meanwhile did not doubt what he had just told. The story of Earney, he had heard it from the mouth of Earney himself, in bits and pieces and they also called him Eskimo Earney, that was not for nothing. It was a special story though. There was no other explanation, Earney could not have possibly stayed alive for months without help. Suddenly I knew what the key to the story was. ‘Bill,’ I began, ‘was there an Inuit sled tied to the truck?’ ‘Yes,’ Bill said simply. Unbelievable, I thought, but then it was the way it was. ‘Bill picked up the thread again,’ you know, ‘he said,’ some things have no explanation other than an intervention from above. Not necessarily because you deserve it or because you pray for it but just because it so happens. That intervention is unfathomable. ‘There was another silence.

‘So,’ my boss said after a while, ‘you're going to get the baptism of fire or rather the icy one ', and he brought the combination to a halt at the edge of a vast plain, he glanced at the trip odometer and continued, ‘You can see we are at the beginning of a lake, ‘the smaller Yaki  lake’ I looked and saw that everything indeed as far as the eye could see was one level, there was nowhere to detect a slope. 'it is called the smaller Yaki lake, in contrast to’ the large Yaki lake’, the name says it all, many times greater. ‘ The large Yaki lake had to be huge if this was smaller. ‘I've never heard of it,’ I said. ‘The province of Manitoba alone has 100 000 lakes,’ laughed my boss, ‘it is in every state document on the license plates of all the cars, it is also the only state with buffalo's, there will also be a few lakes over there that you do not know. ‘


I had to confess that I had never given it any thought, but I had seen cars with such a number plate reading.’ Manitoba the state with 100 000 lakes’. ‘Let me guess,’ I said, 'The lakes are named after the Yaki tribe, which was driven away by the gold lust of us, whites. ‘ ‘Yep, 'said Bill,’ it is actually extremely sad. Okay, we are going to stop here because I'm going to teach you something. Never rely on reports from others, but take your own ice thickness measurement 'and he got out. He walked to the back of the comby to get the ice drill and walked a little later with me to the edge of the plain. It was like a giant hand drill, about six feet tall. My boss got on the ice and walked a step or 10 from the side. From his pocket he pulled a ribbon and tied it half a meter up the drill. ‘That gives a thickness of 50 tons indication,’ laughed my boss. He tapped the tip of the punch in the ice and began to turn, after a while he gestured that I had to take over. When he took over again we were 10 minutes underway, and we reached water. He was standing over the hole and lowered the drill with the ribbon. The bar hit water when the ribbon disappeared 10 centimeters below the surface. ‘This supports 60 tons,’ Bill said seriously. My boss was not a fool, I understood that, rather he’d endure some cold than take risks.


It was nice to get back into the warmth of the cabin. ‘Now you drive carefully in 2-to-3 away on to the ice and you do not go faster than 15 miles per hour and can follow the piste’ said Bill, and if you think you need to go faster than I’ll bash your brains in.’ I nodded, and put the short gear stick in second and third in the long and the clutch slipped a little but we were moving and so for the first time in my life I drove onto a lake. ‘Whatever happens you do not stop, we go towards the diamond mines, there we can change places. Grunting the combination moved over the frozen water.

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