The hidden years in Canada 153, in the happy moose

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In the happy Moose

'Supplies for the diamond mines, now the real work begins,’said Bill, and he took the loading bills from the clipboard. I had no idea how it would go or how far, but I understood that it would be rougher then it had been up to now. I looked up and Bill followed my gaze, 'it's turning bad, ‘he thought,’ which is annoying but yeah it is the way it goes, we have what is coming to us. ‘ He walked to the truck to the driver's side and got in. He set the trip meter to zero and looked to see if the mirrors were still good. ‘We’ll stop in about 25 miles, he announced,’ we’ll  refuel with diesel that does not flake and get some food. It is the last trading post then we are on our own. Change your undies and wash yourself, I’ll do the same. I understood that it was serious. ‘Where are we going to Bill,’ I asked? ‘ ‘Where we are going, there are no names anymore, only companies which are divided into oil folk or ores and minerals men. Our stop is a diamond mine, there will be unloaded outside, outside the fence, you should not be mistaken and go too near because the guards shoot with sharp. I understood that it would be more than serious.

‘It's 250 miles of ice and we can not go faster than 15, so we’ll take approximately 18 hours, then we cutting to an oilfield and we are loaded with tubes which are needed at another concession. Over three days we're back, ‘Bill revved the engine and changed  gears.’ See if you see somewhere a black plume, because that is where we are going.’ I looked up and to be honest I felt right hungry. ‘What is the name of the  trading post, I asked?’ ‘In the happy moose,’ laughed Bill. ‘Is there moose soup,’ I asked? ‘ The best in the area ‘Bill replied jokingly.’ Um, ‘I said, knowing what the answer would be,’ moose burger ?. ‘Better you'll not find,’ chuckled my boss. ‘Is there something else than Moose, I asked?’ ‘No,’ Bill said, it would really surprise me.’ ‘Ha ha,’ I said, 'there are bound to be French fries !! ‘ ‘Delicious and crunchy fried in oil Moose. ‘I understand you completely, I said and thought about Earney who always got fish or seal ..

Snowflakes whirled around us but with less speed and density, and after another few minutes we drove under a clear sky. I was just wondering what I would choose from if we’d  arrive at the trading post, I doubted between Moose burger or eggs with Moose. Then I saw  a black exclamation mark in the sky.' there Bill, ‘I exclaimed, pointing to the unconscious soot plume. Bill looked at his trip meter, ‘that could just be Moose heaven, 'he said,' Moose steak, here I come.’ There were several trucks parked with their loads  piled high up, of course, everyone knew that this was the outpost of civilization. It started to become routine, I got out and plugged the plug that came from the grill in the power pole and a moment later we walked direction, ‘the happy Moose '. There is something about names, we do not give names without a reason but I was wondering what possessed someone to call his place the happy Moose. Perhaps the owner had the build of a Moose. Then he looked upon himself anyway as a happy person. I thought it was probably because there would be lots of moose in this area, which makes people happy, because that means food.


Upon entering the stove roared and bearded men were eating atlong tables. The owner was a scrawny little man with a huge bearded chin that had nothing t even remotely resembling  a moose. 'Hey, here we have Arctic Bill and a strange guy coming in, ‘he exclaimed, and some heads turned to us to look us over, then turned again to their plates. The grill hissed and a smell of roasting meat came towards you. ‘Hey, Beardy,’ Bill smiled back, 'still the same pants on? ‘ There was roaring laughter. ‘Who is the fellow next to you,’ said bearded man? ‘ ‘They call him, I believe big mother,’ Bill chuckled. ‘Well,’ Beardy called out to me ',' friends of Arctic, are friends of mine, just consider this house as you home.' A little later Arctic and Big mother were in front  of a moose steak. ‘It's strange life here,’ I began, ‘you automatically start losing the sense of time,’ According to my watch it is now early in the morning and we are eating steak,‘  Ah‘, thought Bill as he stuffed another piece of steak in his mouth. ‘Breakfast and lunch and stuffae only agreements, we eat when we are hungry and when the situation calms down, we get no trading post anymore from now on '

‘So that tasted right fine,’  grinned Bill and belched once firmly in his hand. I’llorder some coffee and you can do your laundry and get a change and from now on you'll need to think for yourself because now we are going up North, and every man takes care of himself. We had been only a few days away but it seemed as if I had stepped into another world, a world that obliterated all previous experiences as not being important.

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