The hidden years in Canada 151, salvation

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Hands came into the cabin and voices which were inaudible, sounded, the hands began to tug at Earney and he surrendered he was on the borderline of consciousness. Moments later he was lying on a sled covered with furs and someone spoke earnestly to him. He could barely keep his eyes open and the images were coming in and out of focus, but he could not place the images. He dozed off with a smile on his lips, he did not know what was happening, but only that he was safe for now. The man stood behind him on the sled and the dogs shot across the ice and the snow and Earney regained consciousness when the sled stopped at a settlement. They were not so much igloos that surrounded him, you would rather have called them snow houses. ‘Hey a settlement,’ I asked, surprised? ‘How can that be, it is terribly cold here.? ‘Yeah,’ said Bill, ‘ so it is, there seem to be more and more Inuits abandoning their modern life and taking up the old values ​​again. The houses blend in, they have a perfect camouflage ‘

Earney was placed in a shelter and deposited again on a pile of furs, it was comfortably warm in the snow house. He woke up because someone was sitting next to him, an impressive man, who examined him. He had a boy with him who held out a bowl. The man dipped his fingers into the bowl and they came out now covered with a bluish oil. With gentle nimble fingers he massaged the oily liquid over the head wound and then licked his fingers. Then he took the cup from the hands of the youth and set it against the lips of Earney. It was indeed oil with a bitter taste but he could not identify the sort. It would take a few weeks before he would see how a seal was being squeezed to produce oil. The man made some dance steps and disappeared through the flap that separated the room from the outside world.


The days passed and one day when his headache was already almost gone, he heard an excited chatter outside. The sound of dogs and a sled came to a stop, he realized the flap was opened. A giant of a man stepped inside. ‘You are the stranger back from the dead,’ he asked? He had spoken with a good English accent. I am the captain of this area, 'how do you do'? Earney put out his hand, but it was not shaken. ‘I'll make you a deal, we feed you and you work with us and in return you grant us the contents of the truck.’ Earney found it strange to hear such a perfectly measured English voice from someone's mouth  so unEnglish. ‘That's fine,’ said Earney, realizing that he could vote only in favor. ‘I know you people,’ said the man, ‘the words blow away in the wind if they are not tied to paper 'and he took a blocknote out and began to dictate. Moments later Earney read back what he had written: that he had given the contents of the truck in exchange for his life, he signed it and gave it to the man whose appearance as awe-inspiring. He glanced at it and signed it as well.

Without as much as a last look at Earney, he turned and walked from the dwelling. He said some words in a completely incomprehensible language and there was murmuring which sounded approving. I wonder where I am, thought Earney, The flap went aside and a woman came in who looked very distressed, she had only a few teeth and she grinned kindly his way. ‘Good God,’ thought Earney, he had heard that Eskimos would not grow older than 45 but she looked much, much older. She rearranged the furs and came down beside him, she began stroking him and while he was subject to those caresses Earney fell asleep.

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