The hidden years in Canada 150, up North

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Up North

I tried to imagine what it was all about and came to the conclusion that a life up North, was not worth much. They would have surely sought Earney, but I repressed the thought immediately. Who should have sought and where would you start looking? ‘That's a tough story,’ I said,’ but Earney was still alive because we have met him a few hours ago.’ ‘That's right,’ said Bill,’ luck is usually with the dumbo’s, always and that again gave some insight in  my boss about how he felt about life.’ He had gone through the ice, ' Bill, continued, ‘but far from the road and if you leave the route where the ice is covered with snow, it is less thick than the clean ridden part where the  wind’s influence is most evident.' I immediately decided to always drive over the clean ice. ‘He had become confused, I suppose,’ continued Bill, ‘and ended up in a snow storm and close to the shore, but well 80 miles off course and he went through the ice.’

Probably he had driven too fast and that causes shockwaves under the ice and when they touched the side, the ice broke loose from the shore into floes and the front of the truck plunged her nose just into a hole and slammed on the soil, while the back of the trailer remained in a dip angle above the ice. ‘ Phew,’ I said, 'that must have been a shock.’  Bill chuckled,’ not in the first place because he was beaten unconscious against the dashboard. When he came round he had a headache that almost split his skull and he realized that the trailer had saved him from a fast freezing death. The water was almost up to the windshield and the ice was fixing already frozen around the wreck that his combo was now. His truck would be cracked up by the ice, he realized. The cold had brought him around again and his situation was hopeless. The front rested in a steep downward angle at the bottom of the lake, he was so close to the banks that the lake had not been deep enough to swallow the Combi. He realized that if spring would come with its milder temperatures of minus 29, the truck would glide gently  entirely under the surface and he would last forever, preserved, deep frozen.

‘How do you know this’ I asked? ‘Oh,’Bill said,’ I saved him, sometimes fate appoints you as the savior of suckers.’ Well that went over well for Earney ', I thought, while I have not wondered what Bill had done so far off route.'He was lucky,’ said Bill, ‘I also thought he was dead and I saved him by accident months later,’ I could not believe my ears.'He had survived months at minus 50,’ I was surprised, he had survived because we had seen him, but how? ‘The devil shits on a big pile, always,’ muttered Bill, ‘I mean,’ he explained, ‘sometimes luck comes to people who should have been dead under normal circumstances and sometimes  people die while they apparently are not in danger. I nodded because I understood that.

‘What I'm about to tell you is Earney's version of the story,’ continued Bill, because none of us have been involved in it, so we must assume that it is a real version, because the truth is, that he did survive it. So if you doubt the story, remember that it's not my story, but the story as told'.I nodded, I could not hold Bill accountable for Earney’s story.


That day Earney was preparing for his death, he had heard that freezing would be an easy death and had never asked the question how people could know. He proposed serious questions about that assumption now, he was in a bad angle, leaning forward and had all the blankets around him from the sleeper. His teeth clattered and he understood that he was going hypothermic. When he was found, he did not want to be found as a frozen mummy. He thought of a farewell note, but he had none in his life to whom he could adress it . He surveyed his life and was truly sorry for some of the events where he deliberately gone astray. He was getting sleepier and he knew his time was fast at end. He had never been very religious but knew his time was limited to maybe an hour and he spoke to himself as a kind of act of reconciliation with his world, ‘f’orgive me for what I have done wrong ‘ and then it happened, the unimaginable miracle.

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