The hidden years in Canada 149, the accident

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The accident

Earney became obsessed with the idea of ​​becoming rich and could not speak about anything else. I noticed that he took pills, he visibly emaciated and his thoughts circled around like an eagle that explores his landing place. I had to persuade him almost mandatory to hand over the wheel. When on one of these rides, I was launched from the sleeping area above the cab, the truck had made a huge scissor slider and the engine had stalled, I was immediately wide awake. We stood sideways over the ice road and Earney began to show signs of a huge bump that was growing on his forehead, where his head had hit the steering wheel, I thought. ‘What the hell's going on, 'I exclaimed. ‘They crossed over in rows of four,’ muttered Earney I had to avoid them. ‘He looked at me with wide dazed eyes, his pupils were wide open and a blocked vein in his one eye had snapped, giving him a bloody eye, it was not a pretty face. ‘Nothing crosses here in rows of four, Earney,’ I said kindly but firmly, ‘you'd better go and have a lie down.’

‘Really,’ he said trying to convince me, ‘in rows of four. ‘What exactly did you see cross?’ I asked, still curious about what my boss thought he had seen. 'Seals and crocodiles, ‘he said as if it was the most natural thing in the world. ‘Side by side they went, very strange, because you do not want to run them over,’ he continued, as he climbed up, and with a deep roar announced that he had fallen asleep the moment he hit the mattress. Consciousness narrowing by fatigue, I thought it had happened  to me that I was reading a book dead tired and suddenly realized that I had already read several times the same page. I took myself to look for another truck as quickly as possible because with Earney I was not sure of my life. That happened faster than I liked, I was on the road when a stabbing pain hit me in my lower abdomen, sometimes it disappeared and then suddenly turning up again with such vehemence that I doubled up with pain. ‘That is a visit to the doctor in Yellowknife,’ Earney announced and then the next day when we reached the settlement without further ado, I went to the medical center.


‘What was it,’ I asked? ‘Bill looked at me sideways,’ it turned out to be an appendix inflammation, ‘he continued,’ and a day later I went under the knife. ‘ ‘Earney came a few days later along and said that he had to fire me, because you have nothing for people that can not pull their own weight. ‘You must remain here two weeks,’ he said, ‘and I have no use for you now, I have already made three trips.’ He picked up a piece of paper and wrote his name and the letters IOU and an amount that he felt belonged to me. ‘When you come out of here, you go to the bank and you can retrieve this amount against this note.’ I do not need you anymore ‘he continued,’ because I can do the driving  alone. ‘ ‘But how do I get back?’ I asked bewildered? ‘That's the risk of the trade, 'said Earney,' if you do not work, you do not deserve anything.’ ‘You know the routes, you can just walk in to the office and maybe they can do something for you. ' ‘Well, I said,’ tough luck, bad luck, anyway thank you for everything you taught me ' and we said goodbye.

‘It became almost a permanent farewell,’ said Bill, ‘When I got my money at the bank and went to the office, people were so happy to see me. ‘They looked at first as if they’d seen a ghost, and when someone asked,’ has Earney come back as wel,’ I knew something was wrongl ‘ ‘What are you talking about, 'I wanted to know,’ I was for two weeks in the infirmary. ‘ ‘Gosh you have been lucky,’ the man behind the counter exclaimed, ‘as he smiled at me.’He does not know yet, someone said, ‘.’ What, ‘I asked,’ what don’t I know yet? ' ‘About your partner,’ was the reply, ‘he's been missing for a day or nine.’ I could feel the blood leave my face, ‘ice,’ I stammered. ‘Probably, or lost in a snowstorm, but we’ll no longer see him around here, I'm sorry boy,’ said the man behind the counter, ‘after 9 days there is no hope.’ I nodded, I understood that, it's like minus 45 or minus 50, then you could simply forget it. ‘The Lord rest his soul,’ the man said, ‘will you come with me?’ ‘So I got Earney’s contract  to finish,’ Bill explained, ‘and an old truck and a day later I was loaded up for a ride up North.

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