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The hidden years,143, icy lakes

Door San-Daniel gepubliceerd op Monday 31 August 07:57


Icy lakes

‘It's one of the reasons why we get paid so well,’ continued Bill. ‘So up to the lake you can drive in a fairly normal manner if you think away the snow and the ice.’ I listened with increasing amazement. ‘What am I to imagine by that,’ I asked? ‘Ah,’ said Bill, ‘it sounds worse than it is, think of the area of ​​Fort McMurray, when we drove to the encampment.’ ‘Yes,’ I said, 'there was hardly a road or something that you road could recognize as one ‘‘ Hmm, ‘growled Bill in agreement,' something like that but a  bit worse’. I could not believe my ears, ‘Bill’ I said, ‘we nearly got killed there!’. ‘Yeah,’ said Bill, that was a nasty coincidence, that was not the intention. ‘No,’ I said, 'just as it is not the intention of truckers to go through the ice. If it is indeed so safe, why is it that truckers still go through the ice? ‘

‘I must tell you some stuff,’ Bill said. If it is frozen hard enough, then a bullozer pushes a path, say a road, over the lakes. Then truck and trailers drive  to the various destinations to which they want  to supply. How much does our Arctic, loaded weigh, do you think?‘ ‘I estimate about 40 to 50 tons,’ I replied. ‘That's not a wrong estimate,’ Bill said, ‘you can load the deck with up to 63 tons which is 63 000 kilograms. That weight is distributed among eight double wheels on the trailer deck. That equates to a pressure of about four tons per tire.‘ ‘Yes,’ I agreed, ‘that's right’ Bill looked straight ahead and kept on going. ‘Every tire has a relatively small support base, so those 63 tons are resting on sixteen small airfoils. If you are driving, then the weight wraps off if you stand still the weight  excerts downward pressure, you know that? ‘ I did not understand where he was going. ‘I think so,’ I answered.,’ does it matter then? ‘



‘Yes,’ Bill laughed that makes the difference between life and death. Ice 26 inches thick can carry 60 tons which slowly wraps off. The lakes are freshwater lakes so reach that thickness quickly. You talk about a thickness of about 63 centimeters, which makes the math easier. ‘ ‘Must you calculate the thickness,’ I asked? ‘If you want to safely cross it,’ Bill said grimly. ‘Once in Yellowknife, we’ll buy a motor drill, you know, the sort they use with ice fishing, to make a nice round hole. If we for example, were loaded with 40 tons, we know when we get to the edge of the lake, that we can safely cross over it, according to the sample that we drill, 40 centimeters thick. If we are loaded with 50 tons, we must not cross over 40 centimeters of ice because, ..just tell me ... 'Bill was lecturing. 'Cause, I ..said, ‘..we will go through it.’

‘I explain things well,’ said Bill, ‘you got it at once.’ He thought that was in itself a good joke, he had to laugh in any case. ‘There's something else,’ continued Bill, and you need to let this penetrate in to your head. You should, once arrived at the lake, always stay in motion. When you stop you’ll go through the ice. At least nine out of ten times that will happen. Then the weight does not wrap off, but applies pressure directly downward. ‘ ‘What will you never do, I want to hear it again,’ he said, dead serious, ‘I want to ‘hear it out of your mouth.' I could see that he was deadly serious. ‘Stop'.I answered. ‘We are almost there just some more patience,’ continued Bill, you can not travel faster than 15 kilometers an hour away, can you guess why? ‘No,’ I said honestly, ‘I have no idea.’ Bill looked omnisciently ahead, very pleased with his knowledge he was sharing and the way he did that. If you're on ice then it causes a vibration in the water under the ice, Trial and error has established that you are safe up to 15 kilometers per hour on ice that is thick enough and that at speeds above that, waves arise under the ice, which will break up the ice. ' So the route to the first camp is 350 kilometers, that journey will last 23 hours.



'Trial and error ‘I asked? ‘Yes,’ Bill said, ‘if you have seen enough trucks plunge into an icy hole forming when they drive too fast, then the rest of us know how things are done.’ ‘Look,’ Bill continued, the ice hole is neatly back within a few hours, frozen over and no one that comes a few hours behind,  is aware that he is driving over the grave of his colleagues. At most, the color is different, like darning a sweater. Remember that we are talking about temperatures of minus 40 to 50 degrees. ‘ ‘Are they are not found in the spring, I asked? ‘As a rule, no, 'said Bill,’ who would go looking for them? ‘ Bill looked far ahead now, ‘if a truck does not arrive then you can bet your sweet bippy that it has sunk.’ There was something that formed slowly in my head, there was something that was strange and suddenly I knew what it was. ‘Bill,’ I asked, 'What happens if we get unlucky with the truck on the lake, like we get engine trouble? ‘ ‘Then,’ Bill simply said, ‘we're dead.’

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