At the Psychiatrist.

Door PinaJones gepubliceerd op Sunday 30 August 02:39

At the Psychiatrist.

Yes, I'm looking
got eyes for that.
Yes, I'm looking
does it make you feel sad

or something?

Well, have a visit at the psychiatrist then
if you think like that.
'cause you know I'm only looking
'cause I've got eyes for that.

Psychiatrists, they will welcome you
just with open arms, yeah right!
and if you think one talk will do
The psychiatrist will give you a light:

A light in the darkness, 'cause you can't see.
Now, there's darkness all around you.
So you seeing other people looking makes you angry,
'cause it's not really what you can do.

And because of the psychiatrist needs money;
He tells you: "Untill the next time honey".
And you? Poor little naive one;
Before you discover he uses you,
with the money he's gone.

© : Erwina alias Pina Jones

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