The hidden years,141, up north

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Up  north

Bill grabbed two beers and turned around, without giving the Beaver Indians a second glance. He is vulnerable, I thought for a moment, he had his hands full, but everyone around us was intimidated by the huge man who threw ordinary people against walls. The bartender had two draft beers for my boss in his hands as if nothing unusual had happened. But he, too, would have let me be slaughtered if Bill had not shown up, he looked in awe at the bearded giant who now had his muscular arms resting on the bar. ‘These are on the house,’ he said, ‘because you are so good in solving problems.’ Bill burped, followed by something that sounded like’ thank you’ and walked with me in tow to a table.

‘So,’ he said, ‘it is undeniable,’ you really stink. ‘ ‘Thank just the same,’ I said and took a sip of my beer. ‘Because I flung an Indian against a wall’? Bill sounded genuinely surprised. ‘That was in my best interest, I can’t drive that old lorry by myself, and if I let folk stab my chauffeur a bit, where will it end?’ Unconsciously, I had to chuckle, Bill was a pragmatic man. It was like a knife fighter had just 'jumped' into a wall because Bill could not find a second driver fast enough if anything happened to me. ‘We've had that spot of trouble, Bill said,’ Now for the good news. I have in my pocket,’ he said solemnly,’ $ 4,000 as an advance on our contract. That's $ 2,000 for me and 1000 for the truck and what comes with it, and a 1000 for you. ‘I could hardly believe my ears. ‘Why do they pay us before we even done anything?’ I asked. ‘I'll tell you when we're on our way to Yellowknife. Then we’ll have plenty of time to chat. We go Up North, young man, where you make hours and good money. ‘


‘Before we go load  up and leave this stinking hole,’ Bill chuckled, ‘I ‘d like you just to go to the truck and put clean socks and underwear on, because I smell you before I see you. After that you wash them out here in the toilet and let things dry in the truck, I’ll do the same' ’Oh, something else before I forget, ‘said Bill, just get a pen and paper at the bar. Moments later I was back at the table with the notepad of the bar owner and his pen. ‘Watch,’ said Bill, ‘this is very important’ and he wrote on a piece of paper IOU $ 1000 and signed it and gave it to me. ‘You know what this is,’ he asked? This is one I owe you, statement. it means I owe you $ 1,000. ‘ ‘Oh,’ I replied and looked at the piece of paper, I had never heard of. ‘So if you finish the ride then you give me the note back and you will get $ 1000, or like if something bad happens to me, like I die, you take $ 1,000 out of my pocket and no one can say you have stolen that, is that clear? 'Put it away, ‘Bill advised me, ‘and get your rags and wash that stuff and then we go for if, you can not make money drinking beers .’ On the way to the truck I got the feeling that it could be a difficult journey which lay ahead.

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