The hidden years,136, the blizzard

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The blizzard

The snow came in thick flurries and first filled up the windscreen, the windscreen wiper made a few strokes and I found to my consternation that the snow came back just as soon as the wiper went back and forth. The heating slots along the dashboard and the windshield were now doing their job. The snow stuck to the window became  wet snow and ran as cold rain from the window. The window on Bill's side had become white. Bill put his lights on a small stand and there we were. He looked at his watch, ‘it's children’s bedtime,’ he said, ‘you go first for a few hours then I'll have some reading and if I get too tired, then we’ll change places.’ , It is still light, ‘I said, and Bill laughed, 'here the days last eternal, we are pure North. It is not surprising when one day  takes19 hours '.He grabbed a paperback book with Indians, from his inside pocket and slumped away behind the wheel. I climbed into the small sleeping area which was behind us and in the upper part of the cabin. it was slightly wider than the old mattress that was lying there and I slid the curtain shut. I let the new job pass before me, it was different than what I had experienced up until now. Warm air rises and the bedroom was a comfortable place and so amid thoughts about moose burgers and snowstorms, I slumped away occasionally dozing off until I sank away in an all-encompassing deep sleep.


With a shock, I woke up, I looked at my watch, I had slept three hours. I lifted the curtain and there below me was Bill stretched out on the couch. I turned around and fell asleep again in a subsequent sleep process. A rough hand shook me, it seemed clear-cut to me, after a few moments the voice reached me, ‘wakey wakey’ I looked into the face of Bill. ‘I have coffee for you,’ he said, ‘and we had better get down for a council of war.’ The coffee was cold, Bill saw my face and said, 'yeah look, this is not the Hilton, but it is important that you drink this. It is scooped up snow, he said proudly, ‘from the side window and Nescafe from a jar.’ It did not taste that great but then you're accustomed to hot coffee.

‘Coffee retains moisture,’ continued Bill and keeps you on your feet. You don’t notice it because it is always light but we're already 8 hours in this predicament. It is still snowing and I wonder how long it will still go on. ‘ ‘I was considering to get help, but there are two big buts, maybe I’ll make it and secondly maybe I won’t. If the distance counter is out we might be much farther than one mile from the oil base. I had thought to draw straws to see who should go, do you agree with that? ‘ ‘Why can we not go together,’ I suggested? ‘ ‘No,’ Bill said resolutely, ‘someone has to stay with the truck.’ ‘I do not want to be annoying,’ I began but were we not going to provide provisions? ‘ We don’t only transport steel or do we? ‘. ‘Medicines,’ said Bill, ‘and somewhat unclear boxes with equipment and supplies, but they are sealed.’ ‘Necessity knows no law,’ I said, ‘and if this is not an emergency then I do not know what is.’ 'There are going to be  complaints coming,  when the seal broken on arrival, then they’ll  write it those of our wages and we already have damage to the truck and we will have to pay a recovery vehicle, it would be a miracle if this ride gives us money at all. ‘ ‘and I 'I replied,' would like stay alive ..’


It took a while before that Bill, in his thick army surplus jacket had lifted open the door, he put on his cap where the sides of your ears were protected by pull me downs and  put on gloves. He put his shoulder against the door and because the truck was hanging sideways it was hard to get that open against gravity. He squeezed through the opening and the door hit right away shut, now aided by gravity. It seemed to be a long time  but moments later Bill stood with icicles in his beard, from his own frozen breath at our door, I helped, pushing and pulling. When the door opened he pushed a box inside and then worked himself in.

‘This was the smallest box, Bill announced, boy is it cold outside!’ and so we ate a couple of days, canned beef, corned beef, from cans with a key next to it, that you could use to open the can. The wind did not change direction and the snow blew unabatedly hard.

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