The hidden years 137,the boys

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The boys

After a while Bill said, ‘can I get by please, 'I have to go to the can.’ ‘It's the cold that causes it,’ said Bill, ‘all the muscles involuntarily pull together and then you get it and when you're eating again, then you will burn twice as fast.’ We had been by turns a few times, it was no fun. You had your long army surplus coat on and you went to the back of the trailer. The pants went to your knees and you crouched down, you kept one hand on the tail of the truck for some support and with the other held behind you, the flap of your jacket up. Then when done a little snow in the hand to wipe yourself off. Then you dragged that hand again through the snow, and your hand was clean again and tingled. Stand and try to wee, that was a next one now that you were out.You pee’d right slow. You turned away from the wind and shielded yourself with your hand and stood dripping stupidly. Bill had warned me not to hold your staunchest supporter in the wind, because urine droplets would freeze and cause blisters or open sores. Moments later half frozen I knocked on the door window.


We were now already two days in the cabin and I wish it was over, we got sick of it. There are only so many things you can discuss with each other and then you're done with it. ‘The fuel is running out,’ reported Bill, ‘if it goes on much longer than we still have to see how we get to the camp. That will be more difficult now than a few days ago. ‘ Why do you think so, ‘I asked? ‘Because there is now knee-deep snow and we don’t have snow shoes,’ said Bill. ‘Do you notice anything,’ I said to my boss, ‘am I imagining it?’ ‘What,’ asked Bill? ‘It seems to snow less’ I thought, and a little later there was still the occasional flake and very carefully the sun broke through. Bill laughed with relief, ‘Thank God,’ he muttered, pulling a couple of times the cord of the air horn. We heard them before we saw them, the heavy growl of a Massey Ferguson machine and there from behind the turn came with a black soot cloud from a giant outlet plugged up, a bulldozer climbing up the path.Without any difficulty he made his way through the snow, there were two men in the cab and when the machine stopped, a man got out and stepped through the snow to our truck.

Bill rolled the window down. ‘Are you the boys from Calgary,’ asked a voice? ‘ ‘Yes,’ said Bill, ‘we are stuck’. ‘That will come later, the man replied,’ is all well with you? ‘ ‘Yes,’ Bill shouted above the roar of the heavy diesel bulldozer, that now stood running idle. ‘Is it far to the camp?’ ‘Three and a half miles' the man shouted back and gave a thumbs up. ‘We would never have made it, 'said Bill.

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