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My Life (Engels gedicht)

Door DiDutchArtist gepubliceerd op Tuesday 18 August 17:48

My Life

I wake up in the middle of the night,
My thoughts are cornered in an everlasting fight,
I pray to god that one day he would give me light,
Surrounded by darkness, Blinded my sight,
And still when i open my eyes, the color i see is white,
Even if most of my life didn't feel right,
My believe in something better gives me might.

A forgotten dream, A touch that gives me wings,
Like an angel that heals you when she sings,
It lets you go on, no matter what the future brings,
Not knowing what it holds, is the beauty of all things.

When its clouded in my life the little things set me free,
If i can't change those things i want, i just let it be,
People say fight for your right but hey this is just me,
Its not that i walk away, i don't like to flee,
I just accept things as they are cause that is the key,
And every next day my soul would like to see,
That the life i got is like a full branched tree.


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